The DELFI environment brings existing application technology, data, and petrotechnical knowledge from decades of E&P studies together in one environment. The Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment helps put decades of accumulated petrotechnical knowledge to work. By liberating data and workflows, the market leading petrotechnical platforms and engines are enriched by the collaborative, cognitive, open, and secure nature of the DELFI environment.

Once connected, local, global, and 3rd party sources can feed directly into analytical and domain workflows. Novel new discovery methods enable users to search and utilize structured and unstructured data within the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment, and benefit from valuable information ‘hidden’ within the organization or disregarded over time following personnel changes.



By integrating a broad portfolio of technologies users have access to new tools and more functionality, expanding their capabilities. In the background, seamless updates make sure everyone benefits from the features of the latest versions. At the same time, teams can now tap into petrotechnical data from a wider range of sources within the business and around the globe – calling the results directly into their workflow.


Designed for speed, users are instantly recognized and access everything they need via a single, secure log-in. Administrative tasks such as adding new users to a project, or scaling-up computing capabilities can be accomplished in minutes. And remote collaboration is accelerated, with simulation jobs dynamically provisioned without queueing, and even the most complex models visualized in real-time.


The Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment adapts to meet the needs of different companies and individual team requirements. With a choice of user profiles, additional technologies can be added such as in-house tools and 3rd party plug-ins. Customers can choose when to automate intensive computational jobs, to scale computing capacity on demand—responsive as your business grows.


In the DELFI environment there is an ongoing commitment to openness and the opportunities it provides for today’s operators. Whether customers need to integrate their own company IP, pull in data sources from across the full E&P lifecycle, or work with 3rd party solutions, the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment is open to more possibilities.

Automated workflows

The complexity of working across multiple software packages is managed by Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment, making it a more efficient and frictionless experience for users. Live communication between applications enables project data to be automatically refreshed across the workflow; regaining the time previously lost in manually transferring project information and results between individual technologies.

Customizable options 

Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment provides customers with more options to accommodate the needs of users while managing ongoing business costs. A range of basic profiles have been created specifically for the diverse role requirements of E&P domains; everything from Geoscience and Drilling Engineers to Project Data Managers. ‘Plus’ level subscriptions further increase functionality through a series of optional modules and Schlumberger plug-ins. Tailored technology options are also available that offer access to powerful engines, together with the capability to integrate 3rd party applications directly into the environment.

Scalability on demand

Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment is designed to grow with you, and to flex as you need. Whether you need to add new users in-house or collaborate with external specialists on an E&P project, you can now automatically call on unlimited computing power where required, so you can scale up processing throughput without being constrained by on-site hardware. Customers can also model additional scenarios and explore new ideas rapidly – improving the speed and quality of decision making.

Transition support 

You need to plan your transition. We streamline your move to the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment with dedicated transition services. These services include people, workflows, applications, infrastructure, and data, and can be at the scale you need—from quick and specific fix to full transformation program.

We take this journey with you—our experts and our partners support you at every step. We begin by ensuring that programs work explicitly to support your strategy, are organized in a coherent way, and are executed in harmony with your business and operations. We transition at scale, optimizing the technology portfolio, connecting your data, and proactively managing change. And once in the cloud, there are new opportunities to reach for greater efficiencies and value creation.

‘’DELFI is aligned with our vision for the future to utilize cloud computing and new digital solutions to support our E&P activities in a flexible cost-effective and efficient manner” Aernout Korevaar, Exploration Director Dyas Holdings B.V.


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