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Delfi Petrotechnical Suite brings together our collection of digital solutions for petrotechnical workflows. They are accessed from profiles covering the entire E&P life cycle, which are hosted in the cloud and available on demand. Each profile is enabled by the Delfi digital platform and enhanced with AI and high-performance computing. This means market-leading solutions such as the Petrel E&P software platform and INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator run with significantly faster compute times and include access to new tools increasing your flexibility and productivity.


The power you need, when you need it


Elastic compute—increase capacity whenever required


Reservoir simulation solutions
on-demand and completed in hours


Enrich surface and subsurface workflows with AI and data analytics

Open and secure

Remote collaboration
across teams

Telesto Energy

"I think as of now there is no other software which can compete with Delfi which has such unique features like profile based subscription, range of server capabilities to suit the requirements of the clients and user friendly interface which enables the clients to totally manage the enabling and disabling of modules. Delfi is the way forward to small service companies like Telesto.”— Rajeshwaran Dandapani, Telesto Energy


Driving quantum-leaps in performance

Cloud access removes any need for complex hardware, the Delfi Petrotechnical Suite can be used from any laptop or desktop either from the office or when working from home. Users have almost unlimited ability to scale up for extra processing speed and capacity when needed. 


Subscriptions available in the Petrotechnical Suite

Choose the solutions you need from our subscription profiles. Available domain profiles cover the entire E&P life cycle and include: 

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Reservoir Engineer Subscription

Reservoir Engineer

Collaborative reservoir characterization, development planning, and production evaluation to optimize reservoir performance.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Production Engineer Subscription

Production Engineer

Tools for steady-state and transient simulations to identify and mitigate fluid flow challenges, evaluate scenarios and optimize production systems performance.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Geothermal and Mining Subscription

Geothermal & Mining

Integrate electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetic data with geological , seismic, and well data in one platform.

DELFI Petrotechnical Suite Project Data Manager Subscription

Project Data Manager

Reduce time searching for data and build on colleagues’ work in a multiuser environment, from basin to prospect in one platform.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Geologist Subscription


Tools to solve a range of structural and stratigraphic reservoir challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Geophysicist Subscription


Advanced set of tools to solve complex geophysical challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Exploration Portfolio Subscription

Process Facilities Engineer

Tools to perform steady-state and transient simulations of well and surface facilities to optimize field performance.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Exploration Portfolio Subscription

Exploration Portfolio

Manage and assess exploration opportunities and optimize your exploration plan.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Petrophysicist Subscription


Tools to perform wellbore interpretation and analysis in one single environment for accurate and integrated models.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Seismic Processor Subscription

Seismic Processor

Manage seismic data and projects, build workflows, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate statics and velocity solutions.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite Unconventional Subscription


Tools for rapid shale field development, onshore planning, and drilling horizontal wells.

Applications available in the Petrotechnical Suite

Learn more about the applications available in Delfi Petrotechnical Suite.

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Unlimited possibilities at your fingertips

Delfi digital platform is enriched with powerful artificial intelligence and industry-leading analytics, covering the entire E&P life cycle from exploration, to development, production and midstream. With the Delfi Petrotechnical Suite, our AI software solutions are centered around taking your reservoir performance to the next level—and it’s usable by everyone within your organization.

Delfi Petrotechnical Suite

More than 215 companies are now using Delfi Petrotechnical Suite, join us!

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Offshore Construction Specialists

"We came across to Delfi through the Petrotechnical Suite to leveraged SLB OLGA simulator that required from one of our project. The flexibility of the subscription duration for yearly based contract provides a great escape route from overburden the project cost, which the payment based on the usage hour. Direct and online guidance during the first setup, onboarding and operation by the representative persons provides smooth surfing of the Delfi Portal. The online support on the Delfi Portal also has fast and straight forward solution.

"We recommend migrating to the Delfi platform and freeing from hustle on the license price which could overburden the project cost.”— Bahari Christian, Offshore Construction Specialists



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