Physics-Based Drilling Engineering Webinar 

Physics-Based Drilling Engineering

Learn about physics-based modeling techniques that can be used by drilling engineers to improve drilling performance and avoid costly NPT. Real-world examples will illustrate these opportunities.

Brandon Foster, P.E., Technology Development Manager, has 17 years of engineering and management experience. In his current role, he leads the technical evolution of extended-reach drilling software, modeling techniques, and technical philosophies.

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The EOR Journey 

The EOR Journey

Watch this webinar to learn about the Schlumberger enhanced oil recovery (EOR) journey, including our understanding of the fundamental recovery challenges, how to improve recovery through advanced simulation and analysis, and the future of EOR and its potential industry impact.

Omer Gurpinar, Technical Director of Enhanced Oil Recovery, has 40 years of industry experience in various aspects of EOR toward improving oilfield recovery factors.

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Integrated Development Planning: A Pore to Process Perspective  

Integrated Field Development Planning

Learn how reservoir risks and opportunity can be expressed as design tolerances on production equipment and contingent operating requirements over the full life of the asset by taking a pore to process perspective during development planning.

Michael Scanlon, Chief Reservoir Engineer, OneSubsea, has 35 years of industry experience working with major and independent operators in field development planning, reservoir management, and production operations.

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Innovation and Technology in Hydrocarbon Exploration 

Innovation and Technology in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Hydrocarbon exploration is high risk, high reward. Our quest is to find technically and economically recoverable hydrocarbons. Learn how innovation and technology in hydrocarbon exploration are leading to advanced, integrated seismic solutions.

Malcolm Francis, PhD, Schlumberger Advisor and Exploration Services Manager,has held various technical and management positions including eastern hemisphere multiclient chief geophysicist, global manager of geology and interpretation, and senior manager of E&P solutions.

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Property Modelling in an era of Big Data  

Property Modeling in the Era of Big Data

Learn how to preserve high-resolution information from structural modeling through flow simulation in the era of big data by using new methodologies, technologies, and workflows for modeling under uncertainty.

Dr. Colin Daly, PhD, Advisor, Reservoir Modeling, has more than 25 years of expertise in the theory and application of reservoir modeling. He has a doctorate in geostatistics and joined Schlumberger 10 years ago.

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Webinar 11 

Downhole Fluid Analysis, Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics, and Reservoir Evaluation

Learn how the combination of measurement and theory has launched a new discipline—reservoir fluid geodynamics—making it possible to model fluid distributions as they have evolved over geologic time.

Oliver Mullins, PhD, Science Advisor, Reservoir Characterization Group, is well-known as the originator of downhole fluid analysis (DFA) in well logging, focusing on the new Yen-Mullins model of asphaltenes and the Flory-Huggins-Zuo equation of state.

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Introduction to Seafloor Geohazards in Deep Water and Drilling Hazards Associated with Exploration Around Salt

This presentation focuses on the important step of understanding the geologic origin of various hazards in deep water and around salt by reviewing the geologic origin, characteristics, and behaviors of deepwater hazards and challenges.

John Dribus, Global Geology Advisor, has over 40 years of experience leading northern Gulf of Mexico data and consulting services and advising on exploration and deepwater projects.

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Integrated Stress Analysis for Field Development

Learn how the combination of technology and workflows enables fully integrated stress analysis, providing a step change in consistent borehole stress characterization for the calibration of any type of model, in any type of geological environment.

Adam Donald, Technical Director of Geomechanics & Wellbore Acoustics, focuses on rock mechanics and geophysical logs for completions, wellbore stability, rock mechanics, sanding, and drilling optimization.

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The Digital Oilfield and Integrated Operations: Maximizing Value from Online Data

Learn how the oil and gas industry uses improved remote connectivity in oil and gas fields and how adopting the principles of the digital oilfield and integrated operations to implement new ways of working improves the efficiency and effectiveness of operations while supporting safety and integrity, minimizing losses (production and penalties), and maximizing production and reservoir recovery.

David Rossi, PhD, Schlumberger Advisor, Asset Optimization, has 33 years of experience at Schlumberger in research, engineering, and headquarters positions.

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Understanding Uncertainty Analysis: The Case for Capability Development

Conducting uncertainty analysis is necessary making high-risk, capital-intensive decisions in oil and gas projects. Learn how better use of probabilistic approaches to reservoir performance forecasting can help provide increased value from subsurface models.

Martha Stunell, Integrated Modeling Practice Lead, is a reservoir engineer with 17 years of experience at Schlumberger, championing the development of uncertainty analysis technology since 2003.

Sanjoy Khataniar, Global Reservoir Engineering Practice Lead, is a reservoir engineer with more than 30 years of experience in reservoir modeling and simulation technology.

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The Application of Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulation to Unconventional Wells

Learn how dynamic multiphase flow simulator technology, which has traditionally been used to model transient hydraulic flow in flowlines and pipelines, is now also being for wellbore modeling.

Lee Norris, PhD, Schlumberger Advisor, has worked as a flow assurance consultant for more than 20 years. He has a master’s and PhD from Stanford and a bachelor’s from the University of Texas at Austin, all in mechanical engineering.

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Geological Pore Pressure Prediction: An Application of Petroleum System Modeling Technology

Pore pressure is notoriously difficult to predict and may vary significantly across a typical sedimentary basin. However, its prediction an essential step of any hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation program. Modern modeling technologies for petroleum systems provide a complementary approach to traditional methods of pressure prediction. Results from multiple case studies illustrate the application of this technique.

Thomas Hantschel, PhD, Petroleum Systems Modeling and Exploration Geology Manager, Aachen Technology Center, is an expert in fluid mechanics, basin and petroleum systems modeling, geochemistry, geomechanics, and reservoir and basin geology.

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Preventing Costly Production Disruptions—Understanding Pipeline Slugging

Liquid slugs in multiphase pipelines can have disastrous consequences. This webinar discusses the four types of slugging phenomena and techniques for preventing damage from each type

Mona Trick, PE, Schlumberger Advisor, Flow Software, has focused on the application, design, analysis, and optimization of multiphase flow systems for more than 32 years.

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Do Your Faults Seal? Understanding the Risks and Uncertainties in Exploration and Development

Flow resistance across faults can make or break an exploration play and undermine the economics in developing fields. Learn how advanced workflows can reduce the uncertainty in hydrocarbon flow across faults and improve risk assessment.

Russell Davies, PhD, Structural Geology Technology Consulting Manager, has more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working on structural geology and trap and seal analysis, with a focus on the flow characterization of faults and fractures.

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