Early, rapid, and frequent assessment

Configurable and consistent workflows

Confidence in assessment results

  Early assessment with first mapping closure and interpretation data

  Rapid and frequent assessment with up-to-date data, integrated with G&G applications

  Easily configurable workflows

  Common assessment framework for each type of opportunity

  Full insight on input and results supported by audit trail

  Assessments covering wide range of scenarios and validated with analog data

Assess early, rapidly, and frequently with greater confidence to prioritize high-quality hydrocarbon opportunities

Opportunity Assessment

With the fast-changing dynamics in the oil and gas industry, companies are now under increasing pressure to add hydrocarbon resources fast to replace rapidly depleting reserves while fulfilling decarbonization commitments. To achieve both goals, it is crucial for oil and gas companies to build a robust portfolio with a continuous flow of high-quality opportunities.

The conventional siloed, manual approach to early opportunity identification and assessment is not effective: It cannot capture opportunities early enough and assess them frequently enough, whenever there are updates to the input. This leads to a lot of resources wasted on late assessment of low-quality opportunities after full detailed G&G work is already done or reassessment of existing opportunities when the input changes. The lack of a common standard for opportunity comparison and ranking also fails to consistently prioritize high-quality opportunities for the portfolio. Overall, there is a lack of confidence in the assessment results and the quality of the portfolio to deliver your company’s strategy.

That’s why we are introducing Opportunity Assessor on Delfi, a digital opportunity volume and risk assessment tool to identify opportunities early, assess them rapidly, update them frequently, and compare them consistently—to help our customers continuously prioritize high quality opportunities for a robust portfolio.

Assess opportunities early, rapidly, and frequently using Opportunity Assessor on Delfi to track each opportunity digitally, understand its impact on the portfolio proactively, and react quickly.

What's better about Opportunity Assessor on Delfi?

 Not like the current methods:

 Provides you with a planner solution that's:

  Siloed and manual, with a disjointed workflow

  Collaborative, automated, and Integrated with G&G

  Stand-alone application

  Open and extensible to integrate with different data sources and workflows

  Assessments can only happen after all detailed G&G work is done

  Good at providing early assessments with limited data and frequently updated through integration with G&G workflows

  Assessing limited scenarios without validation

  Good at assessing a wide range of scenarios validated with analog data

  Focused on individual opportunities

  Ranks opportunities in the context of the portfolio and prioritizes high-quality opportunities for the portfolio

 Lack of Confidence in Assessment

 Greater Confidence in Assessment


Opportunity Capture

Opportunity Capture

With Opportunity Assessor on Delfi, users can quickly identity and screen potential opportunities by directly picking mapped leads.

 Input Data Integration

Input Data Integration

Opportunity Assessor on Delfi dynamically and frequently updates itself based on the latest interpretation results directly from the source G&G application. It can use analog data as input and also use the data to benchmark the result for QC purposes.

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessor on Delfi provides fast, easy identification of multitarget opportunities. A flexible user interface allows focused workflows and easy communication for collaboration and informed decisions.

Scenario Comparison

Scenario Comparison

With Opportunity Assessor on Delfi, users can run full interrogation of inputs and results of multiple geological realizations and compare the results of a wide range of scenarios to understand the risks and trade-offs.

Opportunity Ranking

Opportunity Ranking

Opportunities can then be ranked based on key indicators of volume and risk, to prioritize those of high quality that enable the corporate portfolio to move forward.