Petrel subsurface software provides a full range of tools to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development. Within a single platform, geoscientists can perform the key geological workflows from stratigraphic and seismic interpretation through facies and geocellular property modeling.

  Data and cross-domain

Omega geophysical data processing software is flexible and scalable, enabling processing and imaging from a single 2D-line to a complex 3D-seismic survey. Omega software contains the latest technology, with more than 400 algorithms. Geophysicists can focus on geophysical issues thanks to a database-driven project model, automated data management, job-submission monitoring, and a detailed dataset history. Easily and intuitively manage seismic data and projects, build workflows, view quality control (QC) processing results, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate velocity solutions.

  Collaboration and capture of valuable data in Studio E&P knowledge software

Empowered by Studio software, Petrel software, and Techlog™ wellbore software connect the evolving reservoir model across different disciplines, as new information is injected into the subsurface. Geoscientists can use the powerful tools in Studio software to access information, collaborate with colleagues, receive updates on team progress, and share workflow knowledge with their team.

  Petrel Shale Suite

Petrel Shale Suite is specifically designed to improve efficiency for the fast pace of land development. Geoscientists can use tools for rapid shale field development, onshore planning, and drilling horizontal wells, with three workflows: geosteering, pad placement, and pad well design.

  Advanced geosteering workflow

Geosteer wells, guided by seismic or geological model properties, using 2D and 3D windows. Geoscientists can also use a 'stretch and squeeze' method within the vertical track of the well section. Stream real-time well data using well-site information transfer standard markup language (WITMSL) or load from files in a 3D window with fast and easy reporting.

  Advanced pad and well placement workflows

Access automated and interactive solutions to optimize the multiple wells pad layout and well-location design combining geological information, surfaces, GIS maps, subsurface constraints, and reservoir-level quality targets. Geoscientists can avoid existing wells by creating “no-go zones” to ensure wells are placed in the correct locations.

  Access the best science

Benefit from the most advanced geological plug-ins to extend existing workflows with niche technology with PowerPoint Creator. Geoscientists can extract the content of a 2D, and 3D window to PowerPoint and the Well Query Tool to inspect well data interactively from a 2D, 3D, and map windows.

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  Petrel Shales Core
– Tools for rapid shale field development, and onshore planning
– Visualization 2D, 3D, wells, and maps
– Advanced Geosteering workflows
– Advanced pad placement and pad well design
– Mapping and volumetrics generation
– Well planning/trajectory planning
  Data integration and management

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