Living Digital is a series of podcasts on life in a digital E&P world. 

Hear from petrotechnical professionals, geoscientists, engineers and coders–and a few senior execs–as they transform tasks and tackle everyday challenges in upstream oil and gas. The series is a window into hands-on collaborations that solve the big and the small issues in our industry.


Episode 5: Why liberating data will change the energy industry forever

Better use of data is already changing the way the energy industry works. Organizations are implementing strategies that leverage AI, Industrial Internet of Things, advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation to realize the seemingly endless possibilities to work better and improve performance. This is the promise of digital transformation and it requires immediate and broad access to all relevant data from anywhere for any digital solution.




Episode 4: Digital Leadership: Expanding The Boundaries

We brought together executives from Chevron, Conoco Philips, Microsoft, IBM and Schlumberger for a discussion on partnering to accelerate digital transformation in the energy industry—originally recorded for our online conference in October 2020. Hear first hand from some of the biggest names in energy and tech as they discuss how digital technology will continue to impact our industry.

Discussion featuring Darryl Willis Vice President, Energy Industry, Microsoft, Kevin Chambers Vice President Subsurface, Chevron, Michael Shirk, Manager, Enterprise and Lower 48 IT, ConocoPhillips, Manish Chawla, Global Managing Director, Energy, Resources & Manufacturing, IBM, Rajeev Sonthalia, President Digital & Integration, Schlumberger. Moderated by Eithne Treanor.




Episode 3: AI in the hands of geoscientists—automating geophysical interpretation

As Schlumberger launches the industry’s first enterprise-grade automated geophysical interpretation solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’ve brought together a panel of geoscientists to discuss the new technology and answer a fundamental question of digital transformation in our industry:

“To what extent can we rely on computers to do geophysical interpretation?” Specific focus is placed on seismic fault interpretation and fault extraction.

Host: Morten Jensen, Digital Innovation Projects Manager

Panelists: Surender Manral, Geophysics Portfolio Manager, Olesya Zimina, Senior Product Analyst Geophysics, Sam Tilley, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Group Project Manager (D&I).




Episode 2: When 1+1 is greater than 2. Fast analytics meets E&P.

Learn about the state of analytics in upstream oil and gas in 2020. Understand the power of data visualization to make smarter, faster decisions. Find out what our industry can learn from NASA and Formula One. Download ‘When 1+1 is greater than 2. Fast analytics meets E&P’, the second podcast in the Living Digital series, revealing the digital technologies shaping the future—and present—of oil & gas.

Featuring Dan Streetman, CEO of TIBCO, and Trygve Randen, Digital Subsurface Solutions Director, Schlumberger. 




Episode 1: President or Coder? AI. We’re All In.

Artificial Intelligence promises to help E&P professionals perform everyday tasks faster, better and at a much bigger scale. But what does that actually look like and how difficult is it? Schlumberger Software president Trygve Randen finds out in a 1-2-1 tutorial with Florian Douetteau from AI leader Dataiku.