Tools designed specifically for mining and geothermal engineers to better understand subsurface and incorporate the unique data in the mining and geothermal fields.

  Geologic modeling  

Construct geological models that accurately represent the subsurface with unique modeling techniques

  Mapping and volumetric workflows

Produce accurate maps and enable volume calculations

  Non-seismic data integration

View, interpret, and model with controlled-source EM and gravity data

  Visualization description

Fully understand your data in the correct place on Earth with well canvas for logs, core images, 3D and 2D visualization that is robust, performant, and correct.

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  Multiphysics plug-in
  Petrel Geoscience core
– Mapping and volumetrics generation
– Geocellular modeling
– Data integration and management
– Well planning and trajectory planning
– Visualization: 2D, 3D, well, maps, and blending

Powered by Petrel Geoscience core, magnetotellurics, electromagnetics and gravity magnetic plug-ins