How we can help you succeed

We help oil and gas operators maximize the value in their assets to achieve ambitious goals. We’ve been in oil field services since the industry’s early years; we have dedicated people and advanced technology.

With decades of operational experience around the globe, we help our clients innovate, tackle change, make better decisions and take the actions required to make the most of their investments.

By providing a clear outlook of the options available to you, backed by data, evaluation and insight, we work with you to maximize your resources and achieve outstanding results from your assets.

Who we are

With decades of global oil and gas experience, we know the challenges you face—and we have the people and technologies to help you succeed. Our experienced consultants are trusted advisors in multiple disciplines, providing comprehensive guidance on optimizing your full asset life cycle. The result? Better decisions and improved results for your asset.

With the industry’s most diverse population of dedicated oilfield experts, we combine deep technical and scientific knowledge, the attitude and experience of an operator and proven project management.

Schlumberger Asset Consulting

As a result, we deliver insights and actions from every perspective. By considering every perspective – from the individual molecule to the whole production system – customers gain more informed advice, more comprehensive options and the most complete solutions.

We remain fully aligned and engaged with an asset across its entire lifecycle from pre-exploration, into field development and throughout production operations.

Together we can help you find, implement and manage the most effective solutions for your asset.


How we add value

Petrotechnical Domain Expertise

We have the largest community of full-time petrotechnical experts in the oil and gas industry, connected through our Eureka technical community that includes over 100 special interest groups with a global perspective on E&P activities. Each individual can call on unmatched resources and experience to carry out even the most complex exploration, field development or production studies – projects likely to exceed the scope of many consultants in today’s market.

Operator Attitude and Experience

We provide operator experienced, multi-skilled, results-focused and decisive individuals with a strong track record in delivering quality outcomes in a timely manner.

Global Insights

Our people have access to a global knowledge management community that is updated hundreds of times a day, ensuring they have the very latest industry best practices and insights at their fingertips.

Asset-Centric Approach

Our unique asset-centric approach dissolves traditional barriers between technical domains and departments. We compress multidisciplinary workflows and integrate commercial considerations at every step to optimize decision making in a timely manner across the asset lifecycle.

Digital Solution Delivery

We leverage market-leading E&P digital technologies to harvest all available data and access expertise from around the globe to drive project efficiency and performance outcomes for our customers.

Where we help our clients


Making decisions about where to allocate resources or drill your next exploration well involves a wide range of complex factors. Our experts can advise you on everything from basin to prospect derisking, helping you make highly informed decisions that accelerate your time to first oil.

Acquisition and divestiture

Raising capital for an acquisition or farm-in opportunity or want to maximize the value of your asset portfolio? We can help at every stage of the acquisition or divestiture process, with expert advice on asset valuation and development potential.

Asset planning

Unlocking the potential of your assets begins with better surface and subsurface understanding. We have experts who know how to integrate and evaluate both your subsurface and surface assets and define multiple field development concepts. The result is the selection of an optimal field development concept that delivers maximum value.

Asset implementation

Listening to your field development goals first, we develop your field with technical and commercial innovation. With our breadth of knowledge and global experience, we integrate across all technical disciplines to deliver higher value developments.

Asset production and operations

Optimizing the performance of your asset depends on proper field management. Our customer-focused experts have decades of experience managing producing assets. Whether you need to organize operations for your entire asset or more specific guidance on a single challenge, our experts are ready to help.

Unconventional resources

Finding the sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs requires a thorough understanding of the subsurface, well variabilities, and related production behavior. We have experts in unconventionals who can provide you with the deep subsurface insights you need to optimize and accelerate hydrocarbon discovery and reduce unit development costs.


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