optimize your drilling co2 footprint

Emissions Reduction

Establish baseline performance and evaluate different options for reducing emissions, including reduced routine flaring, alternatives to flaring, fuel gas minimization through energy management, and feedstock management (hydrogen or bio-feed blending).


Energy Consumption Reduction

Applying total site energy management supports the reduction in energy consumption in facilities at all scales, from rotating equipment to entire plants.  Applications are as varied as reducing fuel consumption, power generation from waste heat (energy integration), and optimizing the application of renewable power.

Address fugitive emissions

Decarbonize Your Operations

Symmetry process simulation software is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio. Learn about our approach to driving high performance sustainably and other technologies that can help you minimize vented and fugitive methane emissions.

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Comprehensive Process Simulation Platform for the O&G Industry 


The Symmetry process simulation software offers a unique opportunity to model your process workflows in one environment, integrating facilities, process units (Symmetry Process) with pipelines, networks (Symmetry Pipe) and flare, safety systems (Symmetry Flare) models, while ensuring consistent thermodynamics and fluid characterization across the full system. This approach enables companies to optimize processes in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, maximizing profits and minimizing CAPEX.


Symmetry News

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Consistent characterization and fluid models throughout the full System


Symmetry process simulation software provides a new approach to traditional oil pseudo-component characterization techniques. Its PIONA-based fluid characterization uses chemical family structures to enable accurate physical property estimation in blending, separation, and even reactive systems to be more accurately simulated. Ensuring consistent thermodynamics and component tracking across the full system.

WB OLI Symmetry Partnership

SLB-OLI Systems partnership advances electrolyte processing capabilities for Symmetry process simulation software

SLB has partnered with OLI Systems to extend its industry-leading electrolyte chemistry modeling capabilities to the Symmetry process simulation software. The enhanced modeling capabilities will enable the users to perform granular analysis of electrolyte intensive applications in traditional oil and gas and new energy spaces such as carbon capture, lithium extraction, flue gas desulfurization, and toxic contamination in wastewater. This enhanced capability will improve modeling accuracy and deliver insights for customers to drive operational efficiencies and accelerate sustainability while mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime. This solution is available either on-premise or the cloud, hosted in the Delfi digital platform, enabling integration within a suite of platforms.

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Identify and mitigate HSE and operational risks


Comprehensive identification of specific safety concerns, from fire scenarios to equipment failures and much more, is an essential element of all operations. To enabling the mitigation of HSE and operational risks, the Symmetry process simulation software provides a complete set of flare and relief system design tools that empowers users to verify the performance of entire safety systems.

The platform is flexible enough to suit any application, analyzing standalone components or complete system with various levels of detail, in steady state or dynamics.


Ensure asset reliability

Symmetry process simulation software enables full life cycle modeling from conception to operation, which provides better options to troubleshoot performance, create FEED and start up studies, and fully optimize your system. Symmetry process simulation software offers extensive options to provide openness such as COM, OPC connectivity, CAPE open, custom interfaces and more, to enable integration with different systems, helping you fully understand your asset.


Experience the next generation


Symmetry process simulation software provides additional competitive advantage by leveraging the Delfi digital platform. This provides access to more than 20 years of deep science across the spectrum, and the ability to utilize advanced artificial intelligence techniques in many workflows supporting different applications.


Domain profiles on Delfi

This solution is available on the Delfi digital platform.

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2024 Flow assurance webinar series

The webinar series targets users of the Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator and the Pipesim steady-state multiphase flow simulator and associated consumers of the simulation results with the intent to share knowledge of the capabilities and best practice use of these powerful and versatile simulators.

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