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Descriptions of the "Service" field options within the Customer Care Center - Refer document 'Customer Care Center - Service Field Glossary'

You can contact Customer Care Center by emailphone, or by creating a Ticket online.

Refer Phone 'Routing System Overview' guide.

Use the Escalate button found listed on the Support home page under Support Services to send a message to your local Quality manager.

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Search Tips >

Query Terms

By default, the Solr Search Appliance returns only pages that include all of your search terms. You do not need to include "AND" between terms. The order of search terms affects the search results. To further restrict a search, just include more terms. To use keywords such as AND as regular search terms instead of as special keywords.

The search appliance may ignore common words and characters such as where and how and other digits and letters that slow down a search without improving the results.

Special Characters: Query Term Separators

By default, non-alphanumeric characters in a search query separate the query terms in the same way as space characters. The following characters are exceptions:

Double quote mark (") - The double quote is used as a special query term for phrase searches. Note that using double quotation marks for phrase search does reduce the number of query terms. For example, the search term "DICHLORO-2-PYRIDINECARBOXYLIC ACID" is considered as single query term.

Ampersand (&) - Treated as another character in the query term in which it is included.

Asterisk (*) - The asterisk is evaluated as a wildcard character in words and phrases, where * can any substring replacement, including empty string. Example : searching for * will return all content available in the Solr index.

Question mark (?) - The question mark is evaluated as a wildcard character in words and phrases, where it’s used as a replacement for any single character.

Cameron Support for SUS related questions, please email Cameron Services.

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