DELFI Data Science

AI for everyone to build

Delfi Data Science is a package of AI and analytics solutions for energy workflows that enables geoscientists and engineers to build, manage, and deploy AI to solve their day-to-day challenges—it’s as easy as using a spreadsheet.


We've partnered with the best to make AI and analytics work for you

DELFI Data Science

Dataiku’s mission is to enable everyone to create AI at enterprise scale. 


DELFI Data Science

TIBCO Spotfire is the most comprehensive and widely adopted visual analytic technology.  

Shaping the energy AI talent for the future

Watch the webinar on the innovative Domain Data Scientists Program initiative from SLB, aimed at upskilling our domain experts in the latest AI technologies

Our expert speakers will explore the motivation and objective behind the program and discuss why upskilling our workforce is crucial in the AI era. We'll also hear from first-cohort graduates on their experiences in the program, and how it has helped them to better serve our customers in the energy industry.

DELFI Data Science

Search, discover, visualize

Add a new dimension to your analytics with visual data discovery. Review your enterprise data with an easy-to-use visualization interface, then a simple mouse click starts your analytics work.


DELFI Data Science

The place to fuse data together

Connect to most sources of data—generic or specific to the energy industry. Enable new insights by joining all data points from all sources to create a richer pool of information.


DELFI Data Science

Wrangle, cleanse, reconstruct, splice

Makes raw data ready for use in analytics, by integrating structured and unstructured data and using machine learning to reconstruct missing parts of the information.

DELFI Data Science

Visual data analysis

Use an extended library of statistical tools to visually display your data—explore and understand the trends.

DELFI Data Science

AI made simple for you

With our vast array of AI tools and resources, it's simple to piece together the perfect digital solution. Machine learning models are extracted from a wide range of AI libraries and evaluated for your project automatically and ranked in order of performance.  All AI libraries include Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow, and many more.

Leverage an extensive scripting environment (R, Python, Java, and more) for further extensibility and fine tuning.

INNOVATION FACTORI: Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry

See the impact of AI on your business.

Learn more

How AI-lead innovation is transforming the energy industry

Interview with INNOVATION FACTORI on how digital transformation with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation can revolutionize and bring efficiency, productivity, and sustainability to the energy industry.

DELFI Data Science

Connect to E&P domain engines

Orchestrate simulators and domain engines such as INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator, PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator, and GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software directly from within the application.

DELFI Data Science

Go from inception to production

Deploy models easily, automatically, and at scale in an environment that’s adaptive to your needs. Your AI models can be accessed via other apps (via API) and triggered on demand.


DELFI Data Science

Build data-driven workflows

Accessorize your decision-making process with the most advanced analytical solutions. Present your complex information in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Why Delfi Data Science?

DELFI Data Science  - user friendly

User-friendly and powerful AI and analytics development toolkit optimized for E&P energy companies.

DELFI Data Science - one click deployment

One-click deployment of AI solutions.

DELFI Data Science - connectivity

Machine learning and analytics connected to a wide range of physics-based engines and the OSDU™ Data Platform.

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