GPM geological process modeling software is a simulator for forward modeling of stratigraphic and sedimentary processes that works with the Petrel E&P software platform. It provides a methodology to model siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs based on the principle of mass and energy conservation.

GPM software enables users to create stratigraphic models showing the expected sediment geometries and to predict the lithology distributions as well as gain insights into the composition and deposition of the sedimentary sequences. Specifically, GPM software models the erosion, transport, and deposition of clastic and carbonate sediments—either independently or concurrently—in different geological settings (for example, channels, rivers, turbidity flows, and shoreline systems) along with related geological processes such as carbonate growth, meteoric diagenesis, and sediment compaction.

Tightly integrated with the Petrel platform, GPM software makes true cross-domain collaboration and workflow standardization in the same canvas a reality.

Users are provided with tools to explore different physically defensible scenarios of the depositional architecture and generate digital geological models by numerical simulation of the physical processes in combination with well-documented empirical rules. The resulting models represent a reasonably close approximation of reality if all boundary conditions are known.

GPM software is tightly integrated with other Schlumberger technologies to enable addressing challenges at different scales—from basin to reservoir—with applicability throughout the entire E&P lifecycle, from early exploration to improved oil recovery (IOR).

GPM software can be connected to PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software for basin-scale studies to support the subsequent analysis of the petroleum systems by understanding the charge migration and accumulation of potential hydrocarbons, which is critical for exploration success. It can also be used to condition traditional geostatistical methods to increase predictability by using the Petrel platform to provide information about realistic and plausible geological trends. Finally, GPM software results can also be used as input in gross depositional environment (GDE) maps, the Play and Prospect Assessment workflow for the Petrel platform, and GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software to refine the final reservoir understanding and explore economic scenarios toward reaching more confident decisions. 

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The GPM software is now available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment

New insights can be gained through the utilization of the secure, cloud-based environment as increased accessibility and flexibility to more science in the GPM software is automatically and instantly at your fingertips.

DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment