Field Development Planning Transformed

FDPlan delivers a new competitive edge for operating companies by enabling a dramatic shortening of planning cycles for development projects at all stages of the asset lifecycle. The solution provides a common, shared environment in which multi-disciplinary teams are empowered to work as one unified operation to deliver an integrated, high quality field development plan (FDP).

FDPlan changes the field development planning workflow from a sequential process to a collaborative agile experience where everything and everyone moves forward together


Enhancing FDP Decision Quality

Teams call on intelligent insights to optimize wells, pipelines and facilities and are empowered to collaboratively build, dynamically compare, and quantitively evaluate multiple field development scenarios with precision. Data and workflows across multiple domains are continuously integrated and FDPlan seamlessly accommodates your IP, always scales to address growing asset needs, and stays up to date as your market, location, and business changes. This agility shortens planning time, increases depth, reduces bias, and removes unnecessary time-consuming iterations to deliver the greatest number of viable development options.


Empowering Development Teams

FDPlan empowers the full range of disciplines involved in field development planning, bringing together data, economics and petrotechnical models in a live planning environment. FDPlan streamlines the planning process and ensures that decisions are not taken in isolation. Team members access workspaces tailored to their disciplines, connected by a set of shared business objectives to frame opportunities, build and evaluate options, compare those options and ultimately select the winning plan.


By reducing uncertainty, improving decisions, providing better options and shortening the time to produce economic and commercial evaluations, FDPlan represents a new competitive business advantage for customers.

Operators are already using the competitive power of FDPlan to:

  • Analyze data five times faster
  • Improve cycle times by more than 80% by putting data discovery at everyone’s fingertips
  • Accelerate simulation time from days to just minutes
  • Rapidly quantify which concept offers the best development potential and to remove bias
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty by connecting subsurface and drilling teams
  • Remove unnecessary additional iterations by combining technical workflows with commercial evaluations in one view


Maximize your full development potential

Enable the step change in field development performance in your organization.


FDPlan is part of Schlumberger’s cloud computing offering that helps enable your planning endeavors for exploring and assessing geological formations and natural resources, such as oil and gas. The FDPlan software is hosted in the cloud such that you need not download the software onto your computing systems, but rather are able to access the software online. Through FDPlan you are able to: (i) access data stored in secure off-site servers that contain exploration, planning, evaluation, and monitoring data related to geological formations and natural resources, such as oil and gas; (ii) acquire software consultation services to further assist your use of the software and your planning efforts; and (iii) obtain engineering services related to the features provided for in FDPlan and the follow up tasks once your planning phase is on its way.