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FDPlan delivers a step change to energy companies to improve return on investment by enabling project teams to deliver field development plans faster, more cost efficient with improved decision quality.

Transforming business processes to accelerate performance

  • Connects and empowers multidisciplinary teams involved with field development planning in a shared, live planning environment

  • Eliminates isolated decision making and changes the field development planning workflow from a sequential process into a collaborative, agile experience

  • Experts across all domains work collectively in a faster, more coherent way


Providing auditable, trusted data and outcomes

  • Share technical and economic data in a common planning environment

  • Produce powerful insights through data discovery and machine learning enabled benchmarking to drive informed decision making


Reducing risk and improving ROI

  • Deliver flexible development plans that eliminate the delays caused by manual iterations between domains

  • Creates and evaluates hundreds of cross-domain scenarios with significant time reductions—turning months into days

  • Enables project teams to assess a broader range of scenarios with reduced risk, to select the optimal scenario that delivers the best ROI


Top New Features - Latest release

    We continue to enhance FDPlan solution’s capabilities with feedback from our customers.



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Quorum Software Announces Next Generation Planning and Economics Partnership with Schlumberger

Quorum’s Planning Space Integrated with the Schlumberger FDPlan Solution


Schlumberger Announces Enterprise-Scale Deployment of Advanced Digital Solutions for PETRONAS, Enabled by the DELFI Environment

Schlumberger, announced today an enterprise-scale deployment of advanced digital solutions for PETRONAS enabled by the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment and integrated with the OSDU Data Platform