What is Delfi

Delfi Architecture

The Delfi digital platform is a collaborative technology that unites the E&P life cycle in the cloud. It’s open, secure, scalable, and fully managed, seamlessly connecting people, data and leading software applications across exploration, development, drilling, production and midstream—all delivered through a flexible and personalized SaaS subscription model.  
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GoogleCloud DevOps Award

"We are extremely proud to have been recognized by Google. Achieving DevOps excellence for Cloud solutions is fundamental to Schlumberger’s digital service delivery.” Shashi Menon - Vice President, Digital, Schlumberger

Delfi Openness

To empower rapid and continuous improvement in E&P we are committed to openness. Through the Delfi digital platform, we’ve given people across our industry the power to collaborate seamlessly across disciplines—we’ve provided shared access to knowledge, data and vast expertise across global domains. Now, better solutions can be created faster. Efficiency and productivity enhancements across entire operations become possible. Openness enables us to accelerate the pace at which the oil and gas industry adapts to change.  Find out more about:

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Delfi Security

The Delfi digital platform is built and deployed with the security of your data and project-related information as our top priority. With our SOC 2 type 2 accreditation and proven protect-detect-respond approach, enabling comprehensive cybersecurity measures at all levels of architecture and service management, you can perform a wide array of E&P tasks in the Delfi platform with reliable access and data protection. 
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Delfi Experiences


Build new levels of instrumentation, automation, and cognition directly into existing drilling operations to ensure your rig is always operating at peak performance and help secure progress towards your drilling efficiency and well productivity goals.
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Connected domain workflows, and multidimensional engineering and sensitivity analysis transform your well plan quality. 
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Delivering a new competitive edge for operating companies by enabling a dramatic shortening of planning cycles for development projects at all stages of the asset lifecycle.
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Enable asset teams to concentrate their efforts on higher-value tasks, addressing the operational challenges of E&P companies in a streamlined and effective manner.
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Delfi Applications

Domain profiles on Delfi

Market-leading technologies integrated in the cloud, enabling significantly faster compute times. Users have access to new tools, more functionality, and expanded capabilities, supported by decades of petrotechnical knowledge and new data discovery methods. 
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Drilling Interpretation

Achieve real-time drilling monitoring and analysis workflows, enabling you to increase operational efficiency and performance, define KPIs, and conduct advanced monitoring.
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Delfi Services

Digital transformation is driving rapid change in E&P, maximizing efficiencies and effectiveness to deliver previously-inconceivable improvements and cost savings across entire global operations. The journey to digital requires experience and understanding in all related technologies and domains. With 40 years’ experiences, we have vast expertise in digital transformation, and are in a unique position to deliver digital success for our customers through Delfi Services.


The breadth and depth of SLB domain and AI expertise is available to you through INNOVATION FACTORI. Our global network of digital experts and data scientists are ready to help overcome your digital workflow challenges with innovative new solutions..
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Digital Transformation Consulting

Through a digital transformation consulting service, we leverage our unrivaled balance of deep domain, E&P transformation, and digital technology expertise to help you achieve a step change in efficiency and performance. 
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Transition Services

Our transition services support your digital journey to the Delfi platform. Transition Services encompass the full range of services required to move from traditional on-premise computing environments to a collaborative digital cloud-based experience.
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Converged Infrastructure Services

Once the optimal design is approved, tailored solutions are deployed and integrated into your IT environment. Our experts ensure the right technology is deployed to take full advantage of the advanced features and deep science accessible through the Delfi platform.
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Operations Services

Across the Delfi platform, industry certified personnel in our Cloud Operations group work continuously 24/7, 365 days per year to ensure our customers receive optimized and reliable service levels, with maximum security.
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