Boost your performance with our well construction solutions

Reducing drilling cost and inefficiencies has become a major focus among operators due to the continuous pressure on margins. Our drilling software and services enable drilling teams to work in an integrated and collaborative environment to maximize reservoir contact, drill on time and on budget, and reach targets safely in compliance with country or company regulatory requirements.

Drilling Planning—Our well construction planning software solution enables you to work collaboratively to design a drillable trajectory inside a subsurface model. In addition, you can complete detailed well control simulation workflows to understand and mitigate operational risks and meet drilling regulations with our drilling engineering applications.

Drilling Operations—Our drilling operations software and services provide comprehensive solutions, from consolidated data aggregation, to collaborative tools for drilling engineers and the rig site to continuously monitor and analyze drilling operations for an individual well or a group of rigs. Implemented workflows support optimization of drilling performance, wellbore assurance and risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. These ensure that company objectives for safety, optimization, and efficiency are met and that knowledge is captured to optimize the drilling of subsequent wells.


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