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The Living Digital webinar series tells the ongoing story of how we’re developing and deploying AI, machine learning, data management, and other digital solutions in combination with deep domain expertise to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation. In each webinar, engaging speakers from SLB and our partners explain a new way we’ve used technology and knowledge to help unlock access to energy for the benefit of all.


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Tuesday 9 April, 2024


Petrel 2024: What’s new for geoscience


Join Surender Manral and Matthew Ellwood in this webinar to find out what’s new in Petrel 2024.


You’ll hear about performance enhancements for geological and geophysical interpretation and reservoir modeling, that can accelerate your conventional and unconventional subsurface workflows. We’ll discuss updates that improve machine learning (ML) assisted seismic interpretation workflows, support efficient structural modeling workflows, and much more.


We will also cover usability enhancements, including improvements that give you a more tailored user experience and faster project opening time, with smart transfer of simulation cases, when working on the Delfi digital platform.


Presenters: Surender Manral, product manager—subsurface interpretation and Matthew Ellwood, product manager—subsurface modeling.


Session 1: Tuesday, 9 April, 2024. 9:00 AM BST: Register now

Session 2: Tuesday, 9 April, 2024. 3:00 PM BST: Register now


Thursday 18 April, 2024


CCS asset modeling—what do you need to model?


Modeling CCS assets has brought new and different challenges to the table, that are difficult to address using the traditional siloed vision in asset management. In this session, we will discuss how the latest developments implemented within Olga™ dynamic multiphase flow simulator and Symmetry™ process simulation software help create integrated and comprehensive models for CCS complex operation assets.


We will explore how accurate and consistent thermodynamic modeling across the entire asset can bring significant value the CCS asset’s design and operation. With an example of modelling a cargo loading and unloading of liquified CO2, with its pumping and injection unit from a ship to a subsurface reservoir for CO2 sequestration, we’ll show how seamless the new features implemented within the Olga simulator and Symmetry software can be.


To join and learn how you can improve engineering analysis, consistency in results, and engineering efficiency for CCS modeling, register now.


Presenter: Rafael Coronel,  BDM process engineering–OAT region.


Thursday, 18 April, 2024. 2:00 PM BST: Register now


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