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The Living Digital webinar series tells the ongoing story of how we’re developing and deploying AI, machine learning, data management, and other digital solutions in combination with deep domain expertise to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation. In each webinar, engaging speakers from SLB and our partners explain a new way we’ve used technology and knowledge to help unlock access to energy for the benefit of all.

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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023


AI for Energy- Partners in Action

Presenters: Romain Fouache, Dataiku Chief Revenue Office & Patricia Cejas Manceron, SLB AI Business Manager & Trygve Randen, SLB Director Digital Subsurface Solutions


Join speakers from SLB and Dataiku to learn how AI is enabling a new business model in the energy sector. SLB has been driving innovation in energy for over 90 years and Dataiku was founded on the principle that to succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving data ecosystem, all companies must use data science, machine learning (ML), and AI to continuously innovate. But what challenges may organizations face while implementing AI projects?

The SLB and Dataiku partnership was formed in 2019 to bring Dataiku’s “Everyday AI” capabilities to the energy industry at scale. In the webinar, you will hear speakers from both companies discuss how AI is being used to optimize and improve safety and environmental sustainability. 


Time: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. GMT  Register Now

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