Enables geophysicists to easily and intuitively manage seismic data and projects, build tailored geophysical workflows, quickly analyze, visualize and quality control both signal processing and depth-imaging results with the ability to interactively generate velocity solutions.

  Industry leading processing suite with Omega geophysical data processing software

Omega software is flexible and scalable, enabling processing and imaging from a single 2D-line to a complex 3D-seismic survey. Omega software contains the latest technology, with more than 400 algorithms. Geophysicists can focus on geophysical issues thanks to a database-driven project model, automated data management, job-submission monitoring, and a detailed dataset history. Easily and intuitively manage seismic data and projects, build workflows, view quality control (QC) processing results, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate velocity solutions.

  Seamlessly integrated with Petrel subsurface software to collaborate from exploration to production

Achieve cross-domain integration from exploration to production with multiuser access. Petrel software enables a shared vision of the subsurface from exploration to production. Omega software is integrated into Petrel software, providing seamless preprocessing for depth-migration workflows. Petrel software enables experts to work together across disciplines and make the best possible decisions, from exploration to production.

  Advanced seismic interpretation

Reveal and delineate complex structures with our extensive seismic-attributes library. Geophysicists can interpret horizons and faults accurately with the seismic-waveform tracker, and automatic picker, including multi-Z salt interpretation, and modeling while interpreting workflows. Advanced visualization tools provide seismic overlay and RGB/CMY-color blending to enhance the delineation of structural and stratigraphic features.

  Access the best science

Benefit from the most advanced geophysical plug-ins to extend existing workflows with niche technology for earth model building, pre-stack seismic interpretation, seismic-survey design, eXchroma chromatic geology extraction software, Petrel SeisKit plug-in, and multiphysics (controlled-source electromagnetic [CSEM] and magnetotellurics [MT], gravity, and magnetic).

  Access Omega software advanced technology bundles

  Time-processing bundle

With the time-processing bundle, geophysicists can access a wide array of geophysical algorithms to enable signal processing, geometry and statics, velocity analysis and picking, de-multiple algorithms, multicomponent processing, and time migrations. The time-processing bundle enables pre-stack and post-stack 2D and 3D migrations, including Kirchhoff time migration (CPU and/or graphics processing unit [GPU]) and finite-difference algorithms.

  Depth-processing bundle

The depth-processing bundle enhances the time-processing bundle by adding algorithms that enable common image-point model building and pre-stack and post-stack depth migrations (isotropic and anisotropic velocity models), including Kirchhoff depth migration (CPU and/or GPU).

  Advanced signal-processing bundle

The advanced signal-processing bundle includes technologies in four areas: near-surface characterization, post-imaging data conditioning and enhancement, broadband processing (de-ghosting, noise attenuation, and bandwidth extension), and simultaneous source separation.

   Advanced de-multiple bundle

The advanced de-multiple bundle addresses the free surface, shallow water layer, and internal multiples, to create multiple-free data, which is critical to the success of subsequent imaging and reservoir-characterization workflows. The techniques are velocity independent, work in 3D, and typically can be applied to most acquisition geometries without the need to perform interpolation or regularization.

  Advanced interpolation bundle

The advanced interpolation bundle includes several advanced techniques that ensure robust interpolation and regularization of sparsely and irregularly sampled data, including data with large gaps. These techniques are multidimensional, i.e., 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D, providing protection against aliasing by using domains where un-aliased low frequencies are used to interpolate to the higher aliased frequencies in the input data.

The use of 5D-interpolation techniques to increase the sampling of sparsely sampled full-azimuth land or ocean bottom cable/ocean bottom node (OBC/OBN) surveys, while still preserving the azimuthal variations in the subsurface is critical for subsequent detailed azimuthal AVO workflows. The algorithms included are matching-pursuit Fourier interpolation (MPFI) and time-domain Radon interpolation (TDRI).

  Advanced imaging bundle

The advanced imaging bundle offers algorithms that can handle complex and rapidly changing velocity models, and image steep dips compared with conventional Kirchhoff approaches, providing superior images of the subsurface. This includes reverse time migration (CPU and/or GPU), finite-difference modeling (CPU and/or GPU), adaptive-beam (CPU only), and Gaussian packet migration (CPU only).


A comprehensive, interactive velocity-picking tool for 2D and 3D datasets, integrated into Omega software. It brings the user on-the-fly interactive velocity and analysis using semblance, offset stack gathers, constant-velocity stack (CVS), or multi-velocity function stack (MVFS). Other interactive features include cross-section and time-slice views of velocity data, and the interactive base map, where the user can modify parameters in real time. VISTA IVA also includes automatic and manual-picking options, 2D and 3D attribute views, eta semblance picking, AVO angle display, and muting options.



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   Time processing bundle
   Depth processing bundle
   Advanced signal processing bundle
   Advanced demultiple bundle
   Advanced interpolation bundle
   Advanced imaging bundle

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