Perform basic and advanced interpretation in a single environment for accurate and integrated models.

  Advanced well log analysis

Use advanced tools for processing and interpretation for NMR, geomechanics, and acoustics and apply results in multimineral analysis, reservoir engineering, and unconventional workflows for completion and well integrity analysis.

  Conventional log analysis

Perform log quality control and calculate precomputation and standard petrophysical calculations.

 Extensibility and analytics

Using data analytics workflows, perform explorative data analysis to quantify rock properties and compare type wells with the benefit of extensibility through Python, giving endless computational freedom.

  Visualization and data integration

Load and visualize all well information into a borehole-specific application that includes interactivity across all plots for easy visualization and interpretation

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  Data management and log quality control
  Customizable workflows
  Deterministic and probabilistic formation evaluation
  Extensibility through python scripting
  Data analytics tools to perform explorative data evaluation
  Thin bed analysis for low-resistivity pay formations
  Cased hole processing
  Real time data streaming

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  All Petrophysicist on Delfi base plan features
  Advanced petrophysics workflows
– Core image processor
– PowerPoint creator
– Techlog wellbore software connector
– Geomagnetic model loader
– Acoustic interpretation
– CT-scan viewer
– Formation testing
– Geomechanics in the cloud
– Petrophysics
– NMR suite
– Production logging
– Unconventional reservoirs
– 1D Geomechanics workflows
– Borehole image processing and evaluation
– Advanced NMR processing and applications
– Unconventional analysis for completion design
– Well integrity for cement and pipe inspection
– Static reservoir modeling and core data workflows

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