Well Control Simulation

The Schlumberger SIS Drilling Technology Consulting Group combines unique well engineering expertise with significant experience in well control simulation, including drilling hydraulics, thermodynamics and multiphase flow, and relief well planning. With hundreds of blowout contingency planning studies conducted in the recent past, we have a proven record of assisting operators in evaluating their worst-case discharge scenarios and associated dynamic well kill operations.  Learn more >

Performance Drilling

Our real-time drilling software solution enables visualization, collaboration, and analysis of your data, allowing you to make the best possible decisions during your drilling operations by combining real-time data streams with drilling and geological data from current and offset wells. Algorithms, key performance indicators (KPIs), and crossplotting tools let you analyze and understand potential problems and risks, and the integrated collaboration tools enable teams to achieve a common understanding and agree on the best way forward.  Learn more >

Operational Efficiency

The RigHour drilling operation efficiency service delivers an accurate understanding of drilling operation performance across single and multiple wells by computing and comparing drilling-specific KPIs. Drilling organizations can instantly see the aggregated amount of nonproductive time, as well as invisible lost time incurred on their project or across their entire rig fleet. They can also filter by specific well construction phases to analyze performance and identify potential improvement areas.  Learn more >