Better technology faster


SLB and Microsoft take seismic processing to the cloud

The Enterprise Data Solution from SLB, which is powered by Microsoft's Azure Data Manager for Energy (ADME), delivers the most comprehensive capabilities for subsurface data, enabling customers to make data-driven decisions faster, at scale.

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Delivering AI for all

Technology partnership with Dataiku enables enterprise-scale artificial intelligence in E&P for all.

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IBM | Red Hat

Expanding access to the DELFI environment

SLB, IBM, and Red Hat collaborate to provide private, hybrid, or multi-cloud deployments of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

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Delivering Data-Driven Solutions at Scale for the Global Energy Industry

Through this partnership, customers can integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities in a single, open platform, and leverage embedded AI and advanced analytics tools to optimize production, reduce costs and decrease operational footprint.

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Accelerating automated drilling

A collaboration to bring together digital drilling automation solutions for well construction.

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Google Cloud

Driving data insights for customers

Strategic collaboration with Google Cloud enables customers to leverage the latest digital technologies to unlock the value in their data.

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Integrating advanced data visualization and analytics for DELFI users

A collaboration to unite the deep domain expertise of SLB with the industry leading analytics of TIBCO to deliver powerful new insights into an ever-expanding volume of E&P data, driving better informed decision making.

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Expanding access to DELFI Petrotechnical Suite

A collaboration to bring AWS customers to the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite, which provides access to AI-enhanced applications from SLB and high-performance computing from AWS’s secure, extensive, and reliable global infrastructure.

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Advancing digital solutions for oil and gas production operations

A partnership to integrate edge, AI and cloud solutions to streamline how customers acquire, process and action field data to enhance their wellsite performance.

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