Better technology faster

Our partnerships accelerate the pace of innovation in our markets. Through close collaborations with some of the world’s leading technology pioneers, we empower our customers with fit-for-purpose cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into our digital solutions.


Extending cloud solutions in E&P

Through our agreement with Microsoft we’re giving customers access to powerful cloud-native DELFI solutions, such as the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite and the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution, on the Azure cloud platform.

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Delivering AI for all

Technology partnership with Dataiku enables enterprise-scale artificial intelligence in E&P for all.

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IBM | Red Hat

Expanding access to the DELFI environment

Schlumberger, IBM, and Red Hat collaborate to provide private, hybrid, or multi-cloud deployments of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

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Accelerating automated drilling

A collaboration to bring together digital drilling automation solutions for well construction.

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Google Cloud

Driving data insights for customers

Strategic collaboration with Google Cloud enables customers to leverage the latest digital technologies to unlock the value in their data.

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Integrating advanced data visualization and analytics for DELFI users

A collaboration to unite the deep domain expertise of Schlumberger with the industry leading analytics of TIBCO to deliver powerful new insights into an ever-expanding volume of E&P data, driving better informed decision making.

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Expanding access to DELFI Petrotechnical Suite

A collaboration to bring AWS customers to the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite, which provides access to AI-enhanced applications from Schlumberger and high-performance computing from AWS’s secure, extensive, and reliable global infrastructure.

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Advancing digital solutions for oil and gas production operations

A partnership to integrate edge, AI and cloud solutions to streamline how customers acquire, process and action field data to enhance their wellsite performance.

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