Provide geophysicists and geoscientists with the most advanced set of tools to solve the most complex geophysical challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development.

  Advanced attributes

Extensive attribute library with interactive parameter control to delineate complex structures or illuminate stratigraphic features and perform integrated volume interpretation for fast analysis and extraction.

  Data integration

Fully integrated workflow for all data types including patented coordinate conversion technology and robust and comprehensive SEG-Y loaders that promote data quality and accuracy.

  Seismic interpretation

Full-feature toolset for the most advanced interpretation platform including seismic waveform tracker and automatic fault picker, comprehensive seismic-to-well-tie tools, and velocity modeling capabilities and domain conversion.


Fully understand your data in the correct place on Earth with advanced 3D and 2D visualization that is robust, performant, and accurate.

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  Seismic and surface attributes
  Seismic interpretation: horizons, faults, geobodies
  Seismic-to-well-tie workflows
  Visualization: 2D, 3D, well, maps, and blending
  Velocity modeling and domain conversion
  Well to well and tops correlation
  Mapping and volumetrics generation
  Well data classification
  Data integration and management 


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  All features included in Geophysicist on Delfi base plan.
  Petroleum systems modeling: charge, trap, seal
  Well planning and trajectory planning
  Geocellular modeling
  Neural network workflows
  Advanced geophysics workflows
– Salt velocity modeling
– Microseismic data support
– Prestack gather visualization and interpretation
– Advanced seismic analysis
– Electromagnetics


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