Solving the data challenge in E&P

A cross-industry collaboration has solved the challenge of storing, organizing, migrating, and accessing subsurface data, by developing the OSDU Data Platform. You now have unlimited flexibility in the use of your data between applications and domains. 

The digital transformation of E&P workflows has become a reality for everyone. Operators of all sizes have the freedom to deploy their own OSDU Data Platform and third-party software vendors are enabled to custom-build software for a common industry data foundation.  We have built the OSDU Data Platform at the heart of our Delfi digital platform, meaning our customers can take full advantage of the application integration between our domain applications and the OSDU Data Platform. 

Expert help for your deployment

SLB contributed the open source code of our Delfi data ecosystem, a core component of the Delfi platform, to accelerate the delivery of the OSDU Data Platform. With this unrivalled knowledge of the OSDU Data Platform, we are using our expertise to help our customers deploy and transition their data in the most efficient and effective way. To learn how we can help you, please contact us to arrange a discussion. 

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution for the OSDU data platform

Open source code

Having the open source code from the Delfi data ecosystem at the foundation of the OSDU Data Platform is important because:

  • Subsurface E&P requires a robust data system that handles complex relationship graphs (wellbore, reservoir), high volume array data (seismic, models), and other high volume and complex data types with high cardinality. The OSDU Data Platform is leveraging deep domain and digital expertise from SLB. It is fit-for-purpose and a strong base from which to extract maximum value from subsurface data.

  • Before the OSDU Data Platform became commercially available to the market on March 24, 2021, users of the Delfi platform could access OSDU Data Platform capabilities, since the Delfi platform is already aligned with the OSDU standard.

  • The OSDU Data Platform becoming central to our digital strategy means that we have committed to the OSDU for the long term.

Business Impact

Here are four major benefits for organizations using the OSDU data platform:

  • Removing silos between domain teams transforms the exploration to production life cycle into a single coherent operation, leading to better decisions, faster responses, and improved efficiency.

  • Making all data accessible to all applications eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming data transfers.

  • Enabling data to flow freely across a standardized data platform will increase the choice of software available. Customized, fit-for-purpose, and transformative technologies and solutions will become more common, accessible, and affordable. 

  • Providing access to all global data accelerates quality decision-making and enhances E&P business strategies. 

These increases in capabilities are leading our industry into a new era of innovation; an era where oil and gas operators are empowered to achieve quantum leaps in performance.


Director, Digital Subsurface Solutions, Trygve Randen outlines the promise of the OSDU data platform


SLB and the OSDU Forum

SLB plays a significant role in the OSDU™ Forum. Working alongside Chevron, ExxonMobil, Equinor, BP, Google, Microsoft and others, as one of 11 members of the OSDU Management Committee, we’re helping guide the development of the OSDU for the E&P industry. 

Managed services: OSDU data platform deployment and transition

Our managed services are available to you at any stage of your journey to the OSDU data platform. Either transition to your own OSDU data platform deployment or access its benefits and more now through the Delfi platform. We can make digital transformation work for you—in a way that suits your business. To simply make a start on your digital journey, please contact us and ask our advice.

Contact our managed services team today. 

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