Transforming Subsurface - Dramatically improve, automate, accelerate and simplify the subsurface modeling process, leveraging AI and cloud scalability to take more informed decisions with a better consideration of uncertainties.

Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling is a workflow that brings together a suite of Delfi solutions to transform the way subsurface studies are conducted.

Leveraging AI and cloud scalability, Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling enables automatic generation of multiple subsurface models, even for the most complex reservoirs, delivering rapid insights to support building Field Development plan recommendations in an operational timeframe. 

Graphic showing agile reservoir modelling data management services 

"Thanks to SLB’s team, Delfi, and AI/machine learning solutions, we were able to successfully produce optimized field development plans for all of our assets, both faster and with higher confidence."

Ali Al Jarwan, CEO, Dragon Oil (Holdings) Ltd

Agile Reservoir Modeling – The power of connected workflows

Cloud-based connected workflows, enable us to dramatically improve, automate, accelerate, and simplify the subsurface modeling process.

In this episode Carole Nakhle, Joe Sinnot and Victoria Jones discuss agile reservoir modeling, a key example of connected workflows, and show how it can transform subsurface studies and derived operational insights, enabling us to make better decisions faster and at reduced risk.

Fast-track subsurface modeling

By fully integrating your subsurface workflows, Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling accelerates the generation of multiple geological realizations and reservoir simulations, using AI solutions and high-performance computing powered by the Delfi digital platform.


 Fast-track Subsurface Modeling


Imagine if your subsurface modeling activities could be driven by business needs rather than existing infrastructure, moving away from manual, time-consuming workflows and long simulation run times.

With Agile Reservoir Modeling, you can model and simulate reservoirs that could not have been tackled before, and run subsurface studies—from interpretation to reservoir simulation—within an operational timeframe.

Harness AI and do more with your data

Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling enables geoscientists and reservoir engineers to analyze subsurface data, customize workflows, and extend applications using AI. It offers a data management system and tools that allow you to derive usable insights from large volumes of data.

Harness AI and Do More with Your Data 1

Harness AI and Do More with Your Data 2

All data generated is processed, stored, and labeled in the background, for easy access through The OSDU Data Platform, and analysis. With data at your fingertips, Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling unlocks the possibility to innovate, extend and customize with the data science and analytics tools available in the Delfi* digital platform. Data is made available and can be seamlessly consumed in custom workflows and dashboards, powering faster and better insights.

Make more informed operational decisions

Delfi Agile Reservoir Modeling enables geoscientists and reservoir engineers to work together, helping them better understand reservoir uncertainties to efficiently quantify the impact of those uncertainties on development strategies.

More informed operational decisions compute graphic

Leveraging the scalability and elasticity of cloud technology, you can investigate multiple geological models, perform multiple sensitivity analyses to capture the full spectrum of geological uncertainties, and make more informed decisions.

At your fingertips, you have all the computing power you need to expand the reach of your subsurface studies, from interpretation to simulation. You can then seamlessly connect to planning applications such as the FDPlan agile field development planning solution and the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution, to substantially reduce operational risks.

"The Delfi platform allows us to do many concurrent simulations which in turn then helps us to do forecasting under uncertainty. The most important aspect is the link of simulation to value creation and having the Delfi solution with a seamless link from simulation to economics and to decision making is dramatically improving our abilities to forecast and to create value for OMV."

Torsten Clemens, Senior Advisor Reservoir Engineering OMV

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