Modeling to solve structural geological challenges

Structural modeling technology consulting assists you in solving structural geological challenges using SLB software.

The challenges that we can help you with include 3D geological structure interpretations of structurally complex reservoirs, model validation, modeling natural fractures and faults that cannot be detected with conventional geophysical techniques, assessment of trap and seal integrity, fault seal analysis, and structural restoration in both 2D and 3D.

Applying extensive expertise for a geomechanical approach

Our consulting expertise originates from our acquisition of the companies Igeoss and Rock Deformation Research (RDR). These two entities brought an extensive history of both developing structural geological software and consulting on its usage to solve customer challenges.

We have built on this expert basis to provide training and consulting using the Petrel Structure and Fault Analysis and Petrel Fracture Modeling modules. Our experts can also use reliable Igeoss legacy products for structural restoration and Fault Modeler developed by RDR to model fault and fracture initiation and propagation. They feature unique workflows that extend the functionality of the commercial tools already incorporated in the Petrel subsurface software to support advanced workflows such as basin and petroleum system modeling in compressional and salt tectonic settings and natural fracture characterization.