Digital intelligence at the heart of your operations

Reaching the unreachable is what you do. Operating in the remotest of locations, connecting complex physical infrastructure to an increasingly digital world. But as you go further, and your sites get more isolated, your data has further to travel. And as you continue to invest in IoT, adding sensors to legacy assets, your bandwidth load is getting heavy. Edge intelligence delivers real-time insights directly within your operations where data is generated.

Reduce costs, improve performance

Edge AI and IoT with automation across the oil and gas value chain improves operational efficiency. Improve production and financial performance by actioning decisions faster.


Reduction in field trips


Reduction in unplanned downtime


Increase in production


On cost savings $/BBOE

Futureproof your oilfield assets

Edge AI-connected IoT devices can learn how to process data into insights. Your assets will take decisions, make predictions and fix problems on the ground – at speed, at scale and often without human involvement. 

Solve your challenges

Wherever you are with digital transformation, we can jumpstart your journey with Edge AI for IoT enabling the upskilling of your workforce to accelerate digital adoption. Our solutions are plug-and-play, start with a set of assets or a single process and build from there. By bringing Edge intelligence into the oilfield, you’ll see operational efficiency and performance go up, while network costs and HSE risk exposure go down.

Benefits from Edge AI

Decrease exposure

Decrease HSE exposure

Improve frontline worker safety by detecting equipment anomalies.

Minimize downtime

Minimize downtime

Learn from continuous monitoring and predict equipment health issues.

Faster decisions

Faster decision-making

Enable real-time data analysis and intelligent decisions in the field.

Reduce footprint

Reduce environmental footprint

Identify spills and leaks sooner – or before they happen.

Extend limits of assets

Extend economic limit of assets

Transform analog equipment into intelligent digital devices.

Cut costs

Cut operational and infrastructure costs

Reduce spend on bandwidth, cloud processing and labor costs.

Schlumberger Edge AI for IoT open by design and secure by definition



With secure identity and storage, secure communications, and federated authentications and authorizations, every layer of our platform is safeguarded.

Fully open


Integrate with devices and data ecosystems including OSDU. Build your own solutions or choose from a library of proven solutions.



Add new applications and workflow solutions as you mature your Edge AI toolkit. Deploy as a point solution or across your asset, locally and globally, on-prem or in the cloud.

How to get started with Edge AI 

See how Edge AI helps increase production, reduce field visits and minimize downtime


Global energy company

Global Energy Company

One of Asia’s leading O&G company reduced flaring by 16% and NPT by 76% by utilizing Edge AI capabilities in remote operation

Natural gas company

Natural Gas Company

Autonomous setpoint optimization helped North American company increase production up to 10% and reduce interventions by 80%

Regional energy company

Regional Energy Company

Utilizing Edge processing and AI capabilities enabled reduction in GHG emission by 13% and increase production by 6% 

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