AI accelerating possibilities for Petoro

Using AI embedded in digital solutions from Schlumberger, Petoro reduced mature field development production optimization and vastly accelerated its well placement strategy. Reservoir engineers are generating hundreds more realizations of geological scenarios to explore a far wider spread of possibilities for field development in a fraction of the time this work previously took. 

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"AI guides us to the best new well location every time.” - Bjørn Kvanvik – CTO Petoro 

Accelerating AI

AI embedded digital solutions

Petoro is using AI embedded reservoir engineering tools and workflows from Schlumberger. Expert-guided machine learning well placement solutions identify connected and high saturated oil volumes. The Well Placement Advisor can properly assess thousands of cases rapidly, using high levels of automation to provide robust field development optimization.

AI Working For You

AI working for you

AI delivered improvements in well location targets for Petoro using probabilistic well ranking to identify low performing wells, probability maps to understand overall reservoir performance, and analytics-based optimization steps which targeted large connected and high saturated oil volumes.  


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Data Science for All

AI and unlimited compute power

Unlimited compute power on-demand is enabling AI to transform the potential of digital solutions throughout the exploration to production life cycle.

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