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Studio E&P knowledge software is deployed by 10 of the top 12 E&P companies in the world. This platform for multiuser collaboration is built specifically for Petrel subsurface software and Techlog wellbore software to maintain the flexibility and freedom of a project-based working environment while enhancing collaboration among users. The full-access control and security provided within a centralized location also facilitate more efficient data management workflows.



Reduced time to find your data

Studio E&P knowledge software reduces the time spent searching for data by up to 60%, which also reduces the need for reworking areas and encourages teams to build on the work of others. Searching for data of interest is fast and easy because Studio E&P knowledge software's powerful search engine is integrated into the Petrel subsurface software, allowing users to quickly browse multiple data sources in a seamless, intuitive manner. Using powerful filters, you can easily drill down to identify data items. Results are graphically previewed within both the project canvas and a table view. Search results can be compared to identify unique items, duplication, or differences—and search results are easily shared.

Search for information across multiple sources including:

  • Studio platform repositories
  • User and reference Petrel platform projects
  • Wellbore information from Techlog wellbore software
  • Legacy data from reservoir characterization software
  • Other petrotechnical sources through TIBCO OpenSpirit.
  • Corporate data stores through the Find API

Multiuser collaboration

Studio E&P knowledge software  is a modern database for modern applications. Built on a publish-subscribe model, it puts users in control of what they share with others and when they share it. Users are similarly in control of what they receive from others and when they receive it. This ensures that users share and consume only data of value while retaining the flexibility for exploration workflows in their own projects. Alternatively, groups working together can choose to collaborate by synchronizing their work based on a specific folder to automatically share all updates with others who have elected to keep that folder in sync.

Alerts and notifications keep users aware of what is happening across the team. Users are alerted to data of specific interest to them, speeding up the iterations between users. The ability to flag items to convey the status (temporary, final, or complete) and confidence (low, medium, or high) of the data being shared increases confidence in the decisions taken.

Management of data and knowledge

Studio E&P knowledge software  provides a proven scalable database supported by industry standard technology. It is specifically designed to handle E&P project data as well as the knowledge related to that data, all stored together in context. This capability facilitates better retention and reuse of generated knowledge.

With Studio Manager, data managers have all the administration and core data management tools required to quickly understand the state of Studio E&P knowledge software. You can capture, retain, and deliver the necessary results to the asset team—enabling data managers to ascertain the status of repositories, review recent user activity, identify tasks to be performed, and proactively support users.

Top New Features - Studio 2020


Improved collaboration with increased data footprint

Geoscientists can now collaborate with additional datatypes via the Studio E&P knowledge platform and enable improved data management workflows.


Increased flexibility in finding data

A new Studio Find filter gives additional flexibility to constrain search results based on the object aerial extent.


Smart logic to consolidate and merge data

Save time on consolidating and managing point well data within Studio Manager.

The Studio E&P knowledge software is now available in the Delfi digital platform

New insights can be gained through the utilization of the secure, cloud-based environment as increased accessibility and flexibility to more science in the GPM software is automatically and instantly at your fingertips.

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