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< DELFI Petrotechnical Suite

Provides geophysicists and geoscientists with the tools to solve geophysical challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development.


Powered by Petrel Geoscience Core and Studio platform*

  Visualization 2D, 3D, well, maps and blending
  Seismic interpretation (horizons, faults, and geobodies)
  Seismic to well tie workflows
  Seismic and surface attributes
  Velocity modeling and domain conversion
  Well to well and tops correlation
  Mapping and volumetrics generation
  Well data classification
  Data integration and management 


*The Studio platform is included upon request for contracts with more than four committed DELFI Petrotechnical Suite users.


Powered by Petrel Combined Core, Studio platform*, GeoX*, PetroMod, and geophysics plug-ins

  Geophysicist base features
  Petroleum systems modeling (charge, trap, and seal)
  Geocellular modeling
  Well planning/trajectory planning
  Neural network workflows
  Advanced geophysics workflows
– Salt velocity modeling
– Microseismic support
– Prestack gather visualization and interpretation
– Advanced seismic analysis
– Electromagnetics


*The Studio platform and GeoX software are included upon request for contracts with more than four committed DELFI Petrotechnical Suite users.


  Multiuser collaboration and multi-disciplinary workflows in the Studio platform

Use the powerful set of tools in the Studio E&P knowledge platform to access all the available information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge, all within the context of existingworkflow. Fully supporting the Petrel E&P software platform, the Studio platform enables multidisciplinary workflows and close collaboration for improved data integrity and administration.

  Advanced modeling

Combine seismic, well, and geological information to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin with advanced prediction of hydrocarbon generation, migration, accumulation, and loss with PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software. Assess and evaluate risk, resource, and value potential of exploration opportunities with GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software.

  Advanced seismic interpretation

Illuminate and delineate complex structures with the extensive seismic attribute library. Interpret horizons and faults accurately with the latest reconstructions and automatic picker, including multi-Z salt interpretation and modeling while interpreting key workflows.

  Advanced toolkits

From the petroleum systems modeler, to the reservoir engineer and beyond, knowledge is captured and preserved. Access the most advanced tool kit for SEG-Y loading, advanced coordinate conversion, seismic-to-well-tie and velocity modeling capabilities.

  Access best science

Use the most advanced geophysical plugins to extend existing geophysical workflows with niche technology relating to earth model building, prestack seismic interpretation, seismic survey design, microseismic and WesternGeco multiphysics plugins (CSEM and MT, gravity and magnetic).

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