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The Avocet production operations software platform helps you get more answers from your data through high-frequency real-time data storage and visualization—these are the essential tools for day-to-day production data management. You can add packaged solutions such as model-based management to the Avocet platform to customize support for your asset decision making. To further maximize rates, recovery, safety, and efficiency, our asset optimization service solution employs a holistic approach combining advanced technology, software, and services delivered through the industry’s largest network of E&P domain experts.


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Digital production solution automates performance advisories and analysis

The ProdOps tuned production operations solution enables faster and better decision-making at enterprise scale through the use of cloud computing, AI and data in production operations


Schlumberger and Drillmec in joint drive to accelerate rig automation

Industry leaders eye rig safety and drilling performance increases by working together on a drilling automation solution