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The SLB Enterprise Data Solution is an AI-enhanced package of products and services built specifically for the OSDUTM Data Platform. It gives you everything you need to make data accessible to your users on an unprecedented scale. 

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution - Built for Azure

Host on the cloud globally—public, private, or hybrid

Available on public cloud today

This industry-first solution is available now on Microsoft Azure. Built using leading cloud capabilities from Microsoft and complemented with extensive AI and domain expertise from SLB, we can deploy your enterprise data solution across the globe, accelerating your digital transformation, today.

Begin your journey now and be among the first to access the new developments from the OSDU Data Platform. 

Deployable on private and hybrid cloud—now

Together with IBM we have developed the industry’s first hybrid cloud solution for the OSDU Data Platform. The solution enables us to deploy your enterprise data management solution on any cloud infrastructure, in any region, globally.

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution - Adapts to your needs

Adapts to your needs out-of-the-box

The SLB Enterprise Data Solution is a fully standardized, open environment that makes it easy to incorporate your own developments and third-party applications to create truly transformative workflows. You can also integrate your own data sources and governance standards.

Use the solution’s out-of-the-box connectors and easy-to-use configuration and development tools to stream, connect and bridge your existing data sources.

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution- AI embedded

Embedded AI

AI, advanced analytics and data visualization tools are embedded throughout the solution to support new data-driven and automated workflows that deliver faster, higher-quality insights.

AI automates quality control workflows in a system that constantly learns and improves to bring extraordinary new capabilities to your users and workflows for fast and accurate decision making.

Built on openness

You can also add to your OSDU Data Platform by creating new or extended services and applications to address your specific challenges.

World Oil Webcast: Accelerate Adoption of the OSDU Data Platform on an Enterprise Scale

SLB Enterprise Data Solution for the OSDU Data Platform, the first fully unified cloud-native solution designed to help accelerate the industry’s move to the new open, industry data standard.

Watch Jamie Cruise, head of products-data, discuss how our ready to run service enables seamless connection to AI and domain applications for faster and improved decisions. Learn how all the tools needed to automate data loading, quality control, governance, discovery, sharing and consumption are built into a single environment that can be deployed globally through our strategic partnerships.

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution - Data flow

A seamless data flow

Now, all structured and unstructured data can flow seamlessly through your domain applications, from a single cloud environment. Connecting multiple technologies and applications is simple.

An end-to-end solution—scalable to your organization

We deliver an end-to-end solution, from migration and data management through to a full suite of petrotechnical applications and a fully managed service for the OSDU Data Platform. 

With an efficient service to manage your transition

Seamless enterprise-scale deployment means rapid advancement with minimal disruption as you move from traditional data environments to a collaborative, cloud-based experience.

Schlumberger Enterprise Data Management Solution

The data tools you need at your fingertips

The solution includes all the tools you need to run and manage your OSDU Data Platform, simplifying the entire data management process in one go:

  • automated ingestion

  • quality control

  • data governance

  • data discovery

  • streaming, sharing and consumption.

By connecting directly to domain applications, the new data environment creates a seamless experience for your users, allowing them to focus on driving your business, not on data logistics.

See the SLB Enterprise Data Solution in Action


Integrate with Delfi

With the SLB Enterprise Data Solution your OSDU Data Platform integrates seamlessly to your applications in the Delfi digital plaform. This means you can instantly connect data to domain and data-driven workflows to take full advantage of leading AI and physics-based solutions in the Delfi platform.



Schlumberger Guide to the OSDU Data Platform


Schlumberger and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Bring Open, Enterprise-Scale Data Management to the Energy Industry

Partnership introduces industry first, AI-enhanced cloud native solution for the OSDU™ Data Platform optimized for Microsoft Azure