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< Delfi Petrotechnical Suite

Provide petrophycisists and geoscientists with the basics or most advanced set of tools to perform wellbore interpretation and analysis in one single environment for accurate and integrated models.


Powered by Techlog Petrophysics and Studio platform*

  Basic and advanced wellbore Interpretation 
  Perform analyses in real time
  Multi well data management
  Customizable data viewers with crossplots, histograms etc…
  Design your own petrophysical workflow
  Data Integration and management
  Well data classification
  Data integration and management 

*The Studio platform database is included upon request for contracts with more than four committed Delfi Petrotechnical Suite users.


Powered by Petrel Petrophysics, Techlog Full StackStudio platform*,   and petrophysics plug-ins

  All Petrophysicist Base features
  Advanced Petrophysics workflows
– Core image processor
– Geomagnetic Model Loader
– PowerPoint Creator
– Techlog Connector
– Acoustic Interpretation Suite
– CT-Scan Viewer
– Formation Testing Suite
– Microseismic support
– Geomechanics & Advanced Acoustics Suite
– Geomechanics in the cloud
– NMR Suite
– Petrophysics Suite
– Production Logging
– Unconventional Reservoirs Suite

*The Studio platform is included upon request for contracts with more than four committed Delfi Petrotechnical Suite users.


  Multiuser collaboration and multi-disciplinary workflows in the Studio platform

Use the powerful set of tools in the Studio E&P knowledge platform to access all the available information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge, all within the context of existing workflow. Fully supporting the Petrel E&P software platform and the Techlog wellbore software platform, the Studio platform enables multidisciplinary workflows and close collaboration for improved data integrity and administration.

  Conventional and tailored core interpretation in a multiuser, efficient workflow-oriented platform

Within the Techlog platform, petrophysicists can perform both basic and advanced interpretation on all wellbore data types, including log, core, images, photos, and thin sections. Design petrophysical workflows and generate meaningful quick-look interpretations based on local expertise and the application of industry-standard methods for lithology, porosity, saturation, and permeability.

  Data and cross-domain workflows

The Petrel platform provides a full range of tools to solve simple to complex structural and stratigraphic challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development. Within a single environment, geoscientists can perform key geological workflows from stratigraphic and seismic interpretation through to 3D property modeling and uncertainty and optimization workflows.

  Improved operational efficiency

Data are streamed directly from the well site for real-time processing and instant analyses as the well is being drilled. Perform analyses in real-time to improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the turnaround time from drilling to analyses. Run models from the technology menu or create bespoke evaluation scripts to optimize interpretation and understand permeability behavior across reservoirs. Leverage high-resolution data to examine the orientation of fractures and evaluate the resistivity properties of those fractures to understand fluid flow in and around the wellbore.

  Enhance field development

Upscale petrophysical results easily and send to the reservoir modeling world to enhance the existing field development strategy. The Techlog platform provides efficient links from the wellbore scale to geological models, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering in the Petrel platform.

  Access best science

Benefit from the most advanced petrophysics plug-ins to extend existing petrophysical workflows with niche technology such as core image processing, geomechanics, production logging, and unconventional reservoirs suite.

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