Robust, reliable reference simulator

The ECLIPSE industry-reference simulator offers the industry’s most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior for all types of reservoirs and development schemes. The ECLIPSE simulator has been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 25 years thanks to its extensive capabilities, robustness, speed, parallel scalability, and unmatched platform coverage.

Unrivaled depth and breadth of functionality 

With over 30 years of continuous development and innovation, the ECLIPSE simulator is the most feature-rich and comprehensive reservoir simulator on the market—covering the entire spectrum of reservoir models, including black oil, compositional, thermal finite-volume, and streamline simulation. By choosing from a wide range of add-on options—such as local grid refinements, coalbed methane, gas field operations, advanced wells, reservoir coupling, and surface networks—simulator capabilities can be tailored to meet your needs, enhancing your reservoir modeling capabilities. 

Extensive expertise and user base

Used at over 800 sites in 70 countries, the ECLIPSE simulator draws upon an unrivalled level of reservoir engineering expertise across the entire industry. As well as being the de facto simulation standard in the petroleum industry, the ECLIPSE simulator is used extensively by academia, regulatory authorities, and petroleum financial planners. Evidenced by citations in over 1,500 SPE technical papers, the ECLIPSE simulator is widely acknowledged as the industry’s leading reservoir simulator.

Petrel reservoir engineering environment

The user environment for the ECLIPSE family of simulators is Petrel Reservoir Engineering, which integrates the static and dynamic modeling process into a seamless workflow. Data flows are transparent, with an easy-to-learn graphical user interface that supports simulation configuration and results visualization. The Petrel platform integrates data from multiple disciplines, allowing experts to combine their knowledge in a unified environment. It also supports extensive uncertainty and optimization workflows.

What is new in ECLIPSE 2020.1

Improved dynamic well list controls


The dynamic well list features enable the user to group together all the wells from an initial group satisfying a dynamic condition, e.g., having water cut above a certain level. These lists can be used for reporting or applying actions. Previously, a static group was used to define the initial pool of wells to be selected from in the dynamic list. This initial group can now be alternatively provided as another well list, either static or dynamic. This new feature is accessible in both ECLIPSE Black Oil and ECLIPSE Compositional.

Easy and flexible grid operations capabilities to better define reservoir regions

ECLIPSEGenerate complex region definitions easy and fast, take full control calculating reservoir regions using the reservoir properties through a series of logical mathematical operations directly from the data set. The ECLIPSE simulator now enables users to define and manipulate grid properties based on a predefined syntax.

This option has been extended in ECLIPSE 100 to allow conditional definitions of properties and regions. ‘REGIONS’ properties can now be edited based on user-provided conditions, such as ‘greater than’, ‘lower than’, and ‘equal to’. For instance, FIPNUM regions can now be assigned based on range of porosity, depth, or permeability.


Better performance without upgrading hardware: Improved CPR solver brings better performance

Simulate faster without compromising results and without upgrading your hardware. Improved CPR (Constrained Pressure Residual) solver enables you to provide addition residual checks, for dramatic improvements in performance, especially when there are repeated non-linear convergence problems.

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