Tools to manage all surface and subsurface data types in a multiuser environment

  Hydrocarbon pathway workflows

Understand basin evolution with hydrocarbon source, migration, trap, and seal workflows

  Managing data

Data management tools to manage, organize, and curate data for multiple users in a collaborative environment

  Risk evaluation

Value modeling workflows to evaluate risk and value potential of assets


Fully understand your data in the correct place on Earth with well canvas for logs core images, 3D and 2D visualization that is robust, performant, and correct.

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  Data integration and management
  Visualization 2D, 3D, wells, maps and blending
  Mapping and volumetrics generation
  Petroleum systems modeling (charge, trap, and seal) 
  Risk, resource, and value evaluation of potential exploration opportunities 
– Geomagnetic model loader
– IMCoord
– PowerPoint creator
– Techlog Connector
– Well data browser
– WLS loader
– Core image processor
– Survey merge
– Geomechanics in the cloud
– Techlog wellbore software plug-ins

Powered by Petrel Geoscience core, Techlog software for data managers, Studio E&P knowledge software, PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software, and Geox exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software.