Jul 01, 2020

Episode 2: When 1+1 is greater than 2. Fast analytics meets E&P.

Learn about the state of analytics in upstream oil and gas in 2020. Understand the power of data visualization to make smarter, faster decisions. Find out what our industry can learn from NASA and Formula One.

Living Digital Podcast

OSDU World Oil Webcast

World Oil webcast:
The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it

Jun 26, 2020

Listen to the webcast discussing the historic industry collaboration to build a common shared data platform, presented by OSDU Management Committee Members, Johan Krebbers, from Shell and Stephen Whitley, from Schlumberger.

OSDU - Johan Krebbers and Stephen Whitley

World Oil Webcast

The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it

Johan Krebbers & Stephen Whitley

Unconventional Thinking

Dec 16, 2019

Marathon Oil chairman and CEO, Lee Tillman talks about the opportunities in unconventional oil production that are being opened up by digital transformation.

Lee Tillman

Chairman, President and CEO, Marathon Oil

Anelise Lara, Petrobras

Things are only impossible until they are not

Dec 16, 2019

A frank and open presentation by Anelise Lara, chief downstream officer, Petrobras, on how the company has tackled external issues to differentiate and progress.

Anelise Lara

Chief Downstream Officer, Petrobras

First Glimpse of an Amazing Future

Dec 02, 2019

Executive Vice President Technology, Projects and Drilling, Anders Opedal, shares a futuristic vision of digital, robotic and automated technology in energy production.

Anders Opedal

Executive Vice President Technology, Projects and Drilling, Equinor ASA

Trygve Randen

Rethinking Collaboration in the Oil and Gas Industry

Jun 25, 2019

Trygve Randen with Schlumberger discusses the oil and gas industry’s pivot to a more open future.

Trygve Randen

Trygve Randen

President, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger

Innovate Faster

Innovate Faster: When AI Meets Cloud

Apr 09, 2018

Urs Hölzle, SVP Engineering at Google, on why innovation within the enterprise space needs to reach the same speed as in the consumer world.

Urs Holzle

Urs Hölzle

SVP Engineering, Google

Drillers chair


Mar 20, 2018

Right now, the driller in the chair is still doing the driving. But to break through today’s safety and performance limits, they’ll need to share the ride with digital.

Gokturk Tunc

Gokturk Tunc

Well Construction Platform Manager, Schlumberger

Planning for the Future

Bending Time, Extending Science: Planning in the Digital Age

Mar 12, 2018

Continuing our Insights series, Patrick Schorn, Executive Vice President - New Ventures at Schlumberger, highlights the importance—and challenges—of field development planning within the E&P industry.

Patrick Schorn

Patrick Schorn

Executive Vice President New Ventures, Schlumberger Limited

Drilling: Can we change the equation?

Drilling: Can We Change the Equation?

Feb 22, 2018

Jean-Pierre Poyet examines the barriers in well construction and how they can be overcome.

Jean-Pierre Poyet

Jean-Pierre Poyet

VP Drilling Ops Software Technology, Schlumberger

SIS Global Forum 2017


Sep 14, 2017

BP Upstream’s Chief Executive Bernard Looney took the stage at the SIS Global Forum 2017 to make a compelling case for digital transformation.

SIS Global Forum 2017 - Bernard Looney

Bernard Looney

Chief Executive, Upstream BP


What’s Next... Starts Now

Sep 14, 2017

Gavin Rennick, president, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger, presented the ambition of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment with the audience at the SIS Global Forum. See how you can dramatically boost efficiency by connecting and working in an entirely different way—in a secure, cloud-based ecosystem that unites planning and operations.

Gavin Rennick

Gavin Rennnick

President, SIS


Kibsgaard Speaks at the SIS Global Forum 2017

Sep 13, 2017

Read the SIS Global Forum opening speech by Paal Kibsgaard, chairman and chief executive officer, Schlumberger.

Paal Kibsgaard

Paal Kibsgaard

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schlumberger Limited


Reinventing our Technology Landscape

Sep 13, 2017

At the SIS Global Forum in Paris, Ashok Belani, executive vice president, Technology, explained how we through reinvention of the technology landscape, we reinvent the way we do business and develop technology for the future.

Ashok Belani

Ashok Belani

Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger Limited


Subsurface Characterization as a Service

Aug 31, 2017

How we acquire, process, store, access, share and update subsurface data and knowledge is key to all other advances we will make as an industry. From enabling a faster assessment of an opportunity’s potential and planning a smarter placement of wells, all the way through to executing more intelligent and efficient operations.

Hinda Gharbi

Hinda Gharbi

President—Reservoir Characterization Group, Schlumberger Limited


Never change a running system? Let's.

Jun 04, 2017

Ashok Belani, vice president Technology, Schlumberger looks at how E&P can achieve the fundamental change it needs fast. Read on for his personal take on how the industry can stay safe and transform wisely—to exploit digital opportunities at speed.

Ashok Belani

Ashok Belani

Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger Limited