Integrating geomechanics for insight in decision making

The mechanical response of the subsurface during depletion, injection, and temperature changes can significantly affect many aspects of drilling, production, and reservoir behavior. The range of workflows in our geomechanics software provides our experts with the tools and insight to integrate geomechanics into the decision-making process for these widely varied scenarios across the life span of your well or field. Our geomechanics technology consulting experts use the same software that is available commercially, enabling you to rerun the workflows and understand how the results were obtained for greater insight.

Mitigating geomechanics-related risks

Geomechanics technology consulting projects are tailored for your reservoir. The typical range is from wellbore stability studies to caprock integrity or compaction and subsidence studies, with custom assistance readily available.

With nearly half the world’s geomechanics specialists and the leading commercial geomechanics software developed in-house, we can help you mitigate geomechanics-related risks throughout the hydrocarbon lifecycle.

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