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By combining best-in-class multiphase flow simulation technology, production chemistry testing services, and customized advisory services, our flow assurance domain consulting provides complete flow assurance solutions for any type of oil and gas development or operational challenge.

With more than three decades of flow assurance research, market-leading software development, and consultancy services, our advisors are expert users of Pipesim steady-state multiphase flow simulator and Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator and actively participate in industry-sponsored research. Through access to reservoir and facility technology and experts, our flow assurance domain consultants deliver high-performance services across the entire well, pipeline, and network life cycle.

Well design, operability, and optimization

  • Well design: Optimize performance of the well throughout its life cycle by correctly designing trajectory, artificial lift, and completions the first time
  • Cleanup: Maximize return of lost fluid and solid removal across the entire pay zone
  • Operation planning: Study and design the operation in advance and minimize and mitigate the risks for drillstem testing, well testing, and interventions
  • Performance management and improvement: Manage well uptime and evaluate production improvement scenarios 
  • Well integrity: Analyze well integrity issues, such as tubing leaks and annulus pressure buildup, to identify the root cause
  • Sand production: Study sand transportation and production from the well to the facilities across various well conditions—flow, shut-in, and restart
  • Artificial lift diagnostics and troubleshooting: Get insight into artificial lift underperformance and evaluate the potential impact of possible solutions
  • Liquid loading: Predict the onset of liquid loading and assess the benefit of viable solutions (except foaming)
  • Nitrogen lifting: Optimize the injection depth and amount of nitrogen

Pipeline and network design, operability, and optimization

  • Pipeline design: Design the pipeline based on operational circumstances and constraints
  • Network design and optimization: Meet the needs of and optimize the asset based on operational objectives
  • Network management, including solids, liquid, pressure, temperature: Define strategies to manage network challenges and validate through simulation
  • Production network debottlenecking for producing mature field: Identify the network bottlenecks and define mitigation solutions, including rerouting

New-generation integrated studies

  • Pore to pipeline studies: Study the system in an end-to-end approach and define comprehensive solutions
  • Geomechanics-informed studies: Study the possibility of sanding and integrate with transient multiphase flow modeling to assess the status of solids from the sandphase all the way to the delivery point
  • Enhanced production logging: Enhance the value of production-logging technology via simultaneous dynamic modeling
  • Real-time well surveillance: Analyze well performance and identify underperformance in real time to avoid deferred production
  • Plug and abandonment: Study the possibility of crossflow caused by reservoir pressure recharge and accordingly optimize the number and location of plugs


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