ProdOps tuned production operations solution enables you to optimize production performance and continuously create value at scale. Powered by the open, cloud-based DELFI cognitive E&P environment, the ProdOps solution seamlessly connects people, data, and models across the entire production space—streamlining the complexity of your operations and delivering greater insight for faster and better decision making.


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A Live, Unified Performance Advisory System

ProdOps solution unites data and work processes from across your organization. Powered by automation and an industry-proven data infrastructure, the solution brings together and enriches operations data from IoT sensors, structured and unstructured sources, calibrated physics models of wells and networks, data analytics, and AI into a shared, collaborative environment.

Proactively manage assets by reviewing auto-generated advisory insights for instant identification of underperforming assets, issues, and opportunities for improvement. Enhance confidence in recommendations and decision making at the right time.


ProdOps solution and the science behind the solution is already in use by many operators. Results include:

  • proactive well management approach to increase well uptime by 20%

  • reduced data processing time by 80% and well test update time by 90%

  • improved gas lift performance by 20 to 30%

  • reduced deferred production by 30%

  • improved response time to field upsets by 70%

  • automated production forecasting achieves time savings >95%

  • automated well candidate review cost savings of 88%

Empower Asset Teams

Accelerate decision-making with the production overview dashboard, which encompasses all your asset variables and information such as well status, KPIs and financial information, resources, opportunities, and current challenges. 


ProdOps solution enables asset teams to track production metrics, analyze performance, and manage tasks more easily and with greater clarity compared with using conventional methods. 

By automating data gathering and workflows, ProdOps solution delivers significant quality improvements and time savings, freeing up time for deeper analysis and the identification of opportunities. 

The solution is scalable and extensible by design—enabling you to readily connect to data and build your own IP into workflows and your own applications, in addition to the growing library of off-the-shelf ProdOps solution applications developed in conjunction with operating companies around the world. 


ProdOps provides a library of integrated applications developed by Schlumberger, and in conjunction with our customers. Applications are available individually, or in a bundle.


Well Performance Advisor

Act more effectively with speed and achieve production potential with optimization through continuous monitoring and automated identification of operational issues.

Network Performance Advisor

Network Performance Advisor

Enhance fieldwide production management decisions with guided well-network optimization, risk and opportunity identification.

Production Forecasting

Production Forecasting

Achieve continuous understanding for targets and planning with an automated, evergreen pipeline of forecasts.

Well Portfolio Optimization

Well Portfolio Optimization

Spend time working on opportunities, not looking for them with automated rapid screening of workover and intervention candidates.



Your Applications...

Open APIs allow you to build your own workflows or applications for the enterprise. Access the DELFI Production Data Foundation to connect to value-added data from any industry standard source. Utilize rich data services, including access to data analytics & data science platforms.


Automated Analytics and AI, with Insights from the Edge

ProdOps solution transforms well production management and surveillance by automating the execution of workflows, with access to integrated data analytics, machine learning, and advanced AI. Engineers and asset managers can access custom insights and analytics without having to be data science experts.

ProdOps solution integrates and augments edge acquisition, computing and control capabilities—for example, for equipment surveillance and the optimization of artificial lift systems in support of remote operations.  Insights and actions generated by the ProdOps solution can then be passed back automatically to the edge for execution in support of remote operations. The ProdOps solution can then learn from the results of actions to continuously fine-tune insights.


Maximize ROI and Enable Digital Innovation

Leveraging your existing investments in infrastructure and data, ProdOps  solution continuously creates value, becoming increasingly cost effective compared with conventional solutions.

Rapidly prototype new data science solutions and apply them across your organization with integrated tools to drive continuous improvement and allow you to leverage the latest advances in data science.

We work in partnership with you and third parties to deliver solutions that help you remain competitive. Comprehensive transition services and support experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way to support your transition to digital production operations.



Try the ProdOps 'Try Me' environment – see it yourself and test it out in your own environment

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ProdOps is part of Schlumberger’s cloud computing offering that helps enable your planning and decision making operating the production of natural resources from geological formations, such as oil and gas. The ProdOps software is hosted in the cloud such that you need not download the software onto your computing systems, but rather are able to access the software online. Through ProdOps you are able to: (i) access data stored in secure off-site servers that contain exploration, planning, evaluation, and monitoring data related to geological formations and natural resources, such as oil and gas; (ii) acquire software consultation services to further assist your use of the software and your planning efforts; and (iii) obtain engineering services related to the features provided for in ProdOps and the follow up tasks once your decision process is on its way.