The systems, processes and technologies used in the E&P industry are complex. They require constant focus to ensure all elements are working harmoniously—to their maximum potential. With an extensive knowledge of the E&P business, software, data, and workflows, our Operations Services group work closely with your experts to help sustain, refine and tune the solutions supporting your operations.

Petrotechnical support

We provide targeted support options for your end users and teams, to support your day-to-day operations. Our support includes 24/7 application support services, operational support—ensuring optimal performance of your Delfi digital platform—and dedicated release management services for customized multi-technology solutions integrated with the Delfi digital platform; or with on-prem platform and foundation technologies, such as the Petrel E&P software platform and the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir.

Increased proficiency and performance

To realize the maximum value from your software investment and increase proficiency and performance from your teams, we offer structured training, support, and technology consulting services, as follows:

Software training—from software to domain training our experts can help you understand the latest software and workflow developments

  • Onsite/desk support—dedicated software specialists to help develop team performance and support critical workflows
  • Workflow mapping—efficient mapping of existing workflows to new working environments. Our Digital Transformation Consulting group can also work with you on advanced workflow design and optimization
  • E&P technology tuning—leading global domain experts work with customers to refine and tune high-impact workflows in areas such as complex geological modeling with the Petrel platform, flow assurance using the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator and reservoir simulation with the INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator.

Data driven workflow enablement

With ever increasing volumes of E&P data, effective data management, transfer, ingestion, and automation are key to efficiently drive digitally-enabled workflows leveraging the best of domain science and data analytics. We have over three decades of experience securely managing customer data to empower the latest workflows from on-prem to multi-cloud environments.

Our data management services span onsite to remote management of geoscience, flow assurance, production data management systems (PDMS), and drilling data. From large corporations and National Data Repositories (NDR) to asset and project databases, we scale to your needs.


Operations Services