The Future of Open Starts Now

In the Delfi digital platform, openness is a key enabler to realizing the vision of transforming upstream oil and gas for the better, for everyone, at scale. By empowering people to work together in new ways, capitalizing on previous investments, benefiting from global progress, and embracing cutting-edge innovation, our aim is to enable continuous value creation across our global industry.

Through openness, we have liberated data to flow smoothly and securely across boundaries and barriers. Now, E&P teams from all domains can work in seamless collaboration, accessing and updating the same live data. Working together from one single version of the truth. Quantum leaps in safety, decision quality, operational efficiencies and field recovery optimization are in their hands.

Within the Delfi platform, our customers can connect one platform to another—internal or third party. They can work with any system, using the data models of their choice. Using APIs and open source code, they can create bespoke solutions with the power to differentiate—achieving new levels of flexibility, automation, innovation and high-powered computation, all designed to fit perfectly with their business operation.



The Delfi platform is delivering the promise of tomorrow, today. Liberating data, simulation engines and workflows across the entire E&P landscape. Freeing our valuable professionals to focus on the challenges ahead.

A collaborative environment enabling you to discover and consume multiple data sources of global E&P information in one place, in the context of your operations. Data is liberated from previously siloed repositories and sources to enrich the context and depth of your data-driven insights.

From individual specialists to entire companies, everyone can now leverage the power of industry-leading simulation capabilities and advanced machine learning and analytics across the breadth of their business. Breaking down silos, communication and transparency are accelerated across the Delfi platform to empower and harness the collective intelligence of specialists, organizations and communities.


An open, secure and scalable cloud-based solution for our industry, the Delfi platform works to seamlessly connect people, applications, and data across your business. Always available to you, from multiple points globally 24/7, 365 days a year. Accessible whenever, from wherever you happen to be.

At the heart of the Delfi platform, the data ecosystem—now open sourced and contributed to the OSDU data platform—enables seamless connection to data across subsurface and beyond. A myriad of data types at all scales powering meaningful and relevant insights, whilst always preserving the richness of the underlying information.

Non-Delfi technologies are rapidly connected with application hosting services to provide unbroken workflows to preserve and extend established and critical capabilities. Packaged for security and compliance, dependable, reliable operations are delivered— continuously managed for each new release to ensure stability and business continuity.

Interoperability with external systems and cloud platforms are enabled with rich APIs and expert support services to further connect and integrate anything you need, always.


Create, share, and consume, faster together, through an open digital environment, free from confinement, we can accelerate innovation at scale. Customers, vendors, and academia across and beyond the E&P industry can contribute new ideas from the best minds and promote game-changing digital solutions.

Innovation is empowered with the Delfi Developer Portal, enabling access to an extensive array of APIs and shared software components to create, publish and share new approaches to industry challenges. Concepts and solutions are rapidly tested and validated, collapsing development timelines from months to days or even hours. A powerful community of minds from within our industry are fused with the creativity of new contributors to explore and define new ways of working.

Open-sourcing our Delfi data ecosystem and contributing this to the OSDU data platform takes your development potential further to improve flexibility, composability and portability of solutions.

Data science—innovative machine learning techniques are revolutionizing workflows and reducing decision-making timelines. New data analytics give us the power of to visualize, explore, and contextualize new insights to complement and enrich the deep domain science of the Delfi platform.

OSDU Data Platform

In contribution to The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum, we have open sourced our data ecosystem, which is based on core components of the Delfi platform, to accelerate the delivery of the OSDU Data Platform. We are committed to supporting the joint development of the OSDU Data Platform, to provide unrivalled capabilities and experience to oil and gas operators.

Moving data to the cloud using the OSDU Data Platform, accelerates digital progress enabling a seamless experience for organizations when deploying their own applications or adapting applications and workflows from the Delfi platform to their needs. Customers, vendors and academia across and beyond the E&P industry can contribute their software code and promote their digital solutions, transforming the way they store, share and analyze subsurface data, enabling them to operate more freely and be part of an open ecosystem. Rapid improvements in data control and integration across enterprise data sources, operations and security will be enabled.  Learn more about the OSDU data platform.

Openness in the Delfi platform has started with the release of our Delfi Experiences, and this is just the beginning.

Develop new applications faster, learn more about the Delfi Developer Portal.



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