The DrillOps on-target well delivery solution is the execution component of our fully integrated digital well constructing planning and operations solution. The DrillOps solution ensures rigs are operating at peak performance throughout the execution of the digital drilling plan—it is an opportunity to build new levels of instrumentation, automation, and cognition directly into existing drilling operations. With the DrillOps solution, operators can accomplish this in a consistent way that delivers autonomous drilling, while securing progress towards their own business goals for drilling efficiency and more productive wells.





The DrillOps solution adopts a goal-based automation methodology, using powerful data analysis and learning systems to assist and optimize every task from setting ROP to drilling a stand. It enables users to choose from a pre-set menu of automatable drilling tasks, and using data analysis and models, shares a plan to achieve the specified goal, taking any measurements required to calibrate itself. Along the way operators have the flexibility to modify and re-plan activities dynamically, based on a live appraisal of equipment, personnel and supplies. 

Automation enables reduced staffing levels on mechanised rigs and delivers unparalleled consistency of repetitive tasks, helping you reach your technical limit on every well.

Alert and escalate procedures are built directly into the DrillOps solution—making it easier to resolve any potential conflicts and administer corrective action. Everything that happens is automatically documented within the digital well file to streamline reporting and drive continuous improvement.




The DrillOps solution monitors and captures a broad range of operational data to support operators during drilling with real-time advice and coaching to improve decision-making and reduce risk. Intelligent advisory systems guide crews to stay within operating windows and safety thresholds. Predictive analytics continuously identify drilling dysfunctions, alerting personnel before pre-defined limits are due to be exceeded to reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT).

Progress is continually compared with targets defined in the drilling plan across a range of criteria, including operating costs and other KPIs, to deliver a live picture of performance. Any deviations from the plan are recorded in the digital well file, alongside all of the relevant operational data. By capturing the full operational context across multiple domains, the DrillOps solution increases the value of reporting and post-job analysis to improve every subsequent well.




The DrillOps solution executes the digital drilling plan and ensures plan adherence. It improves collaboration and coordination by directing the relevant information to the right people, at the right time, and always in the right context. Since workflows are curated centrally by the system, step-by-step activity plans are automatically generated for individual operations teams to keep all teams aligned (town and rig). With all well construction activities from tripping to cementing continually monitored and dynamically updated with the latest operational activity, your operations team is always up to date.




Make the most of every minute downhole, by utilizing relevant downhole tool data and surface measurements, combined to make the best use of the information available. Step-by-step simplified workflows, reduction of human dependencies, and transformation of how directional and data services are delivered, enabling a consistent approach, which allows your experts to be closer to you anytime and anywhere.




The DrillOps solution is a part of the DELFI environment, built upon a secure data platform that is accessible and open to everybody. Your solutions can be customized to your rig capability, from standard and instrumented rigs, to fully mechanized and connected rigs. Edge and cloud devices seamlessly interact to ensure complete integrity of your operations with office support.



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