A secure, cloud-based environment

The DELFI cognitive E&P environment is a secure, cloud-based space built on key premises that make it unique in our software portfolio. It harnesses data, scientific knowledge, and domain expertise to fundamentally change the way of working in every part of the E&P value chain. The DELFI environment makes applications and workflows accessible to all users and enables team members to build common workspaces for data, models, and interpretations while respecting proprietary information boundaries.


No compromise on security with best-in-class standards. Safeguarding customers’ data has been a Schlumberger priority for more than 90 years, so the DELFI environment is fully compliant with all regulations. It is also fully supported by cloud vendor security, operational procedures, and audits.


The DELFI environment provides a common space for teams to work together, independent of role, workflow or physical location. The result is borderless collaboration where all stakeholders benefit directly from each other’s expertise and insights.


Openness and extensibility at the heart of the environment make it straightforward to integrate, share, and build on all your available data sources, workflows, applications, and intellectual property. By making the solutions in the DELFI environment open and accessible via APIs, we enable true integration where partnerships and collaboration is taken to a new level.


From AI to analytics, the DELFI environment puts the full spectrum of available cognitive technologies to work for you. Powerful cognitive systems recognize each user to deliver a uniquely personalized experience. Intelligently searching, proactively learning and automating tasks, enabling you to predict, prioritize, and advise.


With new data automatically shared between tasks across the DELFI environment, each live project is dynamically optimized with the latest information. Now the whole team can work concurrently on the same project, confident that the information they’re using is always current and accurate. Duplication is reduced, team productivity and efficiency are increased, while business continuity is secured.


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