Petrel Geophysics

An unparalleled productivity environment, completely scalable with integrated pre- and poststack geophysical workflows.

The Petrel E&P software platform provides a full spectrum of geophysical workflows to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges—from regional exploration to reservoir development scale. Within a single environment, geoscientists can perform 2D/3D and prestack seismic interpretation, as well as 4D seismic reservoir monitoring and quantitative interpretation workflows.

Seismic interpretation

  • Horizon waveform tracker and automatic fault picker, multi-Z interpretation, and interactive mesh editing
  • Seismic overlay and Mixer tool allowing flip/roll visualization, masking, and RGB/CMY color blending
  • Seismic reconstruction based on geomechanical principles to reduce geological interpretation uncertainty and help to obtain confident validated structural interpretation, integrating tectonics and depositional history as part of the structural interpretation scheme
  • Comprehensive seismic-to-well-tie tools and velocity modeling capabilities
  • Robust and comprehensive SEG-Y loaders for increased confidence in data quality and accuracy. Seismic compression for significant file size reduction and performance boost in daily use of 3D seismic data

Advanced geophysics

  • Extensive attribute libraries (surface- or volume-based) with interactive parameter control to delineate complex structures or illuminate stratigraphic feature geomorphology and internal architecture with ease for conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Integrated volume interpretation for quick analysis, isolation, and extraction of complex-shaped elements (e.g., chaotic features such as karst, salt intrusions, and channel systems)
  • Modeling-while-interpreting for more accurate models and maps with the structural framework and the volume-based modeling technology
  • Integration with the Omega seismic data processing software for improved imaging of the reservoir in complex areas

Quantitative Interpretation

  • Seamless access to prestack interpretation workflows, whether to bridge the gap between interpretation and processing, or as input to AVO/AVA and inversion workflows
  • Accurate rock physics solutions and models using AVO/AVA and inversion technologies seamlessly integrated with traditional geophysics tools 
  • Deterministic and stochastic simultaneous inversion technologies from WesternGeco for better rock property estimation
  • Various inversion algorithms to effectively handle AVA seismic, converted waves (PP/PS AVA), time-lapse full-stack seismic data, and time-lapse prestack seismic data