The Petrel Prestack Seismic Interpretation plug-in enables prestack seismic visualization, interpretation, and interactive processing to bridge the gap between prestack and poststack interpretation workflows. Prestack event interpretation uses a true 4D tracker, seeded from gather picks and horizons.

On-the-fly stacking enables interpreters to perform interactive weighted stacks on prestack data and to visualize individual offset or angle panels in 3D space for quick AVO or AVA analysis. With these features interpreters can quickly create a virtual dataset and process gathers on the fly.

The plug-in enables angle decomposition from prestack data and subsequent creation of angle stacks. Gain, muting (free hand and angle mute), bandpass filtering, radon demultiple, and normal moveout (NMO) are some of the algorithms included in the plug-in.


  • The multilayer 2D prestack window can be synchronized to the 3D canvas in the Petrel platform for improved data investigation.
  • The true 4D prestack event tracking extracts AVO attributes (DHI, intercept, and gradient). Attributes can then be plotted, for true AVO analysis from the prestack data.
  • Residual moveout, amplitude, picking confidence, and many other attributes, including AVO attributes such as intercept and gradient, are automatically extracted.
  • Prestack locations and gathers can be visualized directly in the 3D canvas as gathers or in a gather slab.