Petrel seismic well tie enables interactive checkshot calibration of sonic log data, analytical wavelet creation, statistical and deterministic wavelet extraction, and synthetic seismogram generation for 2D and 3D seismic data.

Integrated synthetic seismogram workflows unify, within the same canvas, the impact from the sonic calibration to the synthetic generation stage and the different versions of time/depth relations generated.

The module includes a range of tools, visual displays, and operations, such as stretch and squeeze, interval velocity manipulation, reflection coefficient modeling, and comparison of time/depth curves for QC during the seismic well tie.


  • Generation of time-to-depth relationships throughout the calibration of checkshots with uncorrected sonic log data or use of Gardner’s equation to estimate sonic or density logs
  • Inclusion of correction functions such as polynomial, linear, or cubic fit
  • Creation of data-independent and data-dependent wavelets using the wavelet toolbox. Wavelets can be estimated directly from the seismic data using various algorithms, including signal-to-noise deterministic wavelet extraction, time-varying wavelet extraction, and multiwell extended white wavelet extraction
  • Extracted wavelet QC capabilities, including aerial and time correlation plots with a synthetic seismic well goodness of fit
  • Synthetic seismic to be displayed along the wellbore using Bresenhan’s line algorithm to select traces
  • Modeling of reflection coefficients to better understand tuning effects and possible fluid contents
  • Interactive bulk shifts with continuous alignment
  • Well-to-seismic calibration through the creation of depth synthetics
  • Efficient data organization that creates all your seismic well studies in concise folders in your data input tree
  • Multiwell synthetic generation enabled through a single dialog, increasing workflow usability and performance 

Seismic well tie can be a time consuming, interpretative process and is performed per well.

Automated well tie on Petrel subsurface software, as part of Petrel Seismic Well Tie enables, rapid estimation of single and multi-well wavelets for a wide variety of different seismic data. Screen the seismic well tie quality by initially performing wavelet estimation at each single well and successively selecting the best subset of wells for multi-well wavelet estimation. Automated well tie is enabled through the seismic well tie license.