The Petrel structural and fault analysis module allows for more accurate mapping of faults, rapid definition of critical flowing or sealing windows along the faults, better integration of fault properties and geometries within the simulator, and the ability to easily tune fault data to observed core or dynamic data.

The module allows geoscientists to perform fault seal analysis faster, more simply, and with greater accuracy and repeatability. The module also provides front-line fault juxtaposition and property mapping tools for exploration and production environments. Fault transmissibility multipliers can be calculated, analyzed, and modified to provide critical input into accurate flow simulation models.


  • Efficient data cleanup and modeling tools improving the ease and accuracy of seismic interpretation and structural modeling within the Petrel platform
  • Identification and mapping of critical fault juxtaposition, high-flow zones, or seal continuity areas
  • Capability to perform numerous up-to-date or core-calibrated fault seal predictions in real time or automatically within the workflow to allow calibration and reduce uncertainty
  • Comprehensive scenario analysis tools to illuminate structural and fault seal uncertainties
  • Potential flow indicators providing a powerful means of screening the impact of these parameters on fluid flow
  • Tuning of faults to dynamic data by applying numerous methods to modify transmissibility—either globally per fault or locally along specific sections of faults—to rapidly achieve accurate history matches