The Petrel Rock Physics and Inversion plug-in provides a set of robust, interactive tools for quantitative interpretation. Its advanced rock physics modeling capabilities enables you to explore the relationship between seismic amplitudes and reservoir properties. The plug-in features leading-edge seismic AVO inversion techniques that solve jointly for lithofacies and elastic properties, reducing the reliance on prior models. Petrophysical joint inversion can be performed to integrate multiphysics measurements for a better estimation of reservoir properties.

The Rock Physics and Inversion workflows on the Petrel E&P software platform, are now included with the Petrel quantitative interpretation module.



Rock physics modeling

  • Comprehensive library of rock models for a wide range of geological settings

  • Library expansion by adding custom models 

  • Automatic calibration of model parameters 

  • Stochastic rock model simulation to capture heterogeneity and uncertainty 

  • 4D modeling, interacting with geomechanics and dynamic reservoir models

Litho-elastic AVO inversion

  • Single-loop inversion to elastic properties and lithofacies probability 

  • No requirement for explicit definition of the low-frequency model (LFM)

  • Nonlinear inversion for more accurate results around strong contrasts 

  • Orthorhombic amplitude variation with azimuth (AVAZ) inversion for improved fracture characterization

Petrophysical inversion

  • Joint estimation of petrophysical properties and associated uncertainty

  • Integration with multiphysics data

  • Options for deterministic and probabilistic methods