Petrel Multitrace Attributes enables identification and delineation of structural and stratigraphic elements by providing more than 40 attributes that can be instantly and interactively calculated directly at interpreted events, on nearby uninterpreted events, or between events.

Petrel Multitrace Attributes is used to enhance the fault signature of the data by calculating variance or chaos or by filtering structural smoothing with the edge enhancement option.

The generalized spectral decomposition attribute helps the interpreter understand the contribution of individual frequencies to the makeup of the input seismic signal. This is particularly useful for isolating frequency-dependent changes in the signal, such as stratigraphic thinning and fluid effects. AVO reconnaissance workflows are enabled through use of the poststack AVO attribute.


  • Advanced attributes, including generalized spectral decomposition, structural smoothing, variance, 3D curvature, and chaos
  • Poststack AVO attributes, including AVO fluid strength, for AVO reconnaissance
  • Enhanced support for low frequencies, which are typical in broadband data, provided by attributes such as phase shift
  • Genetic inversion in which multilayer neural networks and genetic algorithms are combined to provide an estimation of rock properties using seismic amplitude and the acoustic impedance well logs as training data
  • Option to create attributes in virtual mode, with interactive control of parameters for quick screening and fine-tuning without using extra disk space 


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