Petrel quantitative interpretation enables true integration of multidisciplinary seismic with well and geological data. This ensures complete description of reservoir properties and extends conventional qualitative interpretation to a quantitative interpretation workflow in the same canvas. Petrel quantitative interpretation is a product development collaboration between Schlumberger and Ikon Science.

Without leaving the Petrel platform, Petrel quantitative interpretation provides seamless seismic data conditioning, rock physics, fluid substitution, AVO/AVA analysis, and pre- and poststack deterministic and stochastic inversion to predict lithology, pore fluid content, and seismic pore pressure modeling.


  • Rock physics processes for estimating elastic parameters, such as acoustic impedance, Vp/Vs ratio, Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus, and a complete suite of fluid substitution tools based on Gassmann’s equation.
  • Seismic pore pressure prediction workflow, including rock physics model for pore pressure calibration at well locations
  • Easy to use wavelet equalization capabilities, correcting your seismic data to zero phase
  • AVO modeling processes for the generation of synthetic gathers based on Zoeppritz and other industry standard algorithms, considering both isotropic and anisotropic models
  • Seismic conditioning enabling seismic resampling and seismic trace alignment based on nonrigid matching
  • Industry-leading colored, deterministic simultaneous stochastic inversion for prestack and poststack data
  • Interactive extended elastic impedance (EEI) capabilities using multiple chi angles to produce EEI volumes at seismic scale
  • Lithology classification workflow based on Bayesian estimation
  • Robust 2D and 3D crossplotting tool for seismic and well data to identity and isolate anomalous hydrocarbon zones
  • Intuitive 2D forward-modeling capabilities (wedge, anticline, dipping reservoir models and user-defined and seismic line methods) for generating a synthetic seismic response from rock properties
  • Time-lapse analysis capabilities for 4D workflows based on reservoir elastic modeling (REM) 

Petrel rock physics and Inversion plug-in provides a set of robust, interactive tools to explore the relationship between seismic amplitudes and reservoir properties in 3D and 4D. Leading-edge seismic AVO inversion techniques enable solving jointly for lithofacies and elastic properties. With petrophysical joint inversion, multiphysics measurement can be integrated for a better estimation of reservoir properties.

This functionality is now included as part of Petrel quantitative interpretation.

Rock physics modeling

Explore the comprehensive library of rock models for a wide range of geological settings and expand the library adding custom models. Automatically calibrate model parameters and simulate stochastic rock models to capture heterogeneity and uncertainty. Take advantage of 4d modeling, interacting with geomechanics and dynamic reservoir models.

Rock physics modeling is now included in Petrel quantitative interpretation.

Litho-elastic AVO inversion

Exploit single-loop inversion to elastic properties and lithofacies probability. For improved fracture characterization, experience Orthorhombic AVAZ (amplitude variation with azimuth) inversion; and obtain more accurate results and strong contrasts with non-linear inversion.

Litho-elastic AVO inversion is now included in Petrel quantitative interpretation.