Using the latest advanced GPU rendering, the Petrel Seismic Volume Rendering and Extraction module enables quick and interactive blending and rendering of multiple seismic volumes with extreme clarity to detect anomalies, delineate structural and stratigraphic features, isolate areas of interest, and then instantly extract what is visualized into a 3D object called a geobody.

You can use true 32-bit color blending and create complex selection events to delineate complex structural and stratigraphic features such as channels, deltas, or fractures. Extracting geobodies and assigning geological templates to them provides the bodies with instant geological meaning. Geobodies can be included directly in the 3D geological model.


  • Render large seismic attribute volumes in the 3D window using box, horizon, and well probes

  • Sculpt seismic attribute volumes using multiple horizons

  • Perform interactive filtering using opacity and class selections on regional 3D seismic volumes to rapidly identify areas of interest

  • Extract single or multiple geobodies with a single click of a rendered seismic data

  • Extract geobodies directly from seismic intersections

  • Calculate volumetrics or sample the geobody directly into a geological model 


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