OMV targets global efficiency increases with Schlumberger AI and digital solutions

OMV Upstream deploys cloud- and AI-enhanced solutions to accelerate performance and transform efficiency to achieve ambitious digital transformation targets. 


The Challenge

OMV set targets in early 2020 to deliver a 90% reduction in well planning time for production wells by the end of 2022 and a 75% reduction in the duration of the development phase of projects by 2025. It recognized that to achieve these targets, it would need to become a digital front runner in the energy industry. OMV’s digital transformation goals gained greater urgency with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020—calling for better integration of its global asset teams while those teams are working from home.

“OMV and Schlumberger share the belief that digitalization is more than technology,” said Johann Pleininger, executive board member responsible for upstream and deputy chairman of OMV. “It’s a new way of working and how we organize our global businesses. We are leveraging the DELFI environment to make the integration of our teams a reality. The powerful combination of physical science enhanced with new digital technologies lead to significantly faster and more informed decisions across both technical disciplines and operational settings. This can make our business even more efficient and therefore more cost-effective.”

The Solution

OMV selected Schlumberger as its partner of choice and signed a 5-year digital collaboration contract for the global enterprise-wide deployment of AI and digital solutions in the cloud-based DELFI cognitive E&P environment, following a successful pilot program. The deployment included:

  • The DELFI Petrotechnical Suite

  • The ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution

  • The FDPlan agile field development planning solution

  • The DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution

The Result

  • OMV’s subsurface team used AI-integrated workflows to run 200 reservoir model realizations in around 6 hours instead of 23 hours,

  • The well delivery team planned eight wells in the time they would normally take to plan one.

  • The turnaround time of seismic interpretation to structural modeling workflows was reduced from 8 weeks to 10 days, a 75% improvement.

The long-term agreement will continue to drive collaboration and deliver comparable successes at an enterprise scale, enabling OMV to accelerate performance and transform efficiency to achieve its targets.


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