Advanced reservoir simulation analytics performed in the Delfi digital platform

Delfi Reservoir Engineering Workspace combines the power of cloud with advanced data analyses capabilities, to bring advanced reservoir simulation model interpretation and to generate deep insights.


No models left behind

Include all your simulations and manage them in one place—enable users to explore and investigate the efficiency of previous field development strategies before starting to simulate.


Getting the best history match: Understand reservoir uncertainties and find the best history match model

Add simulation models and ensembles directly within the Delfi platform and create up-to-date analyses of the different scenarios and field development strategies. 

Delfi Reservoir Engineering Workspace enables user to visualize, integrate, and analyze vast numbers of ensemble models, to find the best history match case and utilizes a series of advanced visualization techniques developed to understand and quantify the effects of the different uncertainties. 


Produce the best field development plan: Taking reservoir engineering to the field decision-making process

The best-in-class modeling to simulation engines orchestration are provided by the Delfi platform, enabling users of Delfi Reservoir Engineering Workspace to produce thousands of models and simulations in hours.

Delfi Reservoir Engineering Workspace enables users to visualize and analyze multiple development scenarios and automatically share them with the FDPlan agile field development planning solution, keeping up-to-date field strategies, to ensure decisions are always optimized.


Finding the best development scenario

Geologists, reservoir engineers, and production engineers can work together using Petrel Reservoir Engineering to develop realistic and achievable field planning scenarios, using a comprehensive integration of geological models, reservoir dynamics and production analysis.


Mulitple geological realizations
Multiple geological realizations simulated and compared against observed production and injection data
Calibration of geological realizations
Calibration of geological realizations showing multiple and probable variations of the geological model producing similar response to the observed data


Complete months of simulation work in hours by running multiple instances of the INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator or the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator. Finish history match and production optimization tasks in much less time.

DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace


With Delfi On Demand Reservoir Simulation you can access as many licenses and all the hardware required to perform as many reservoir simulations as you need.

DELFI Reservoir Engineering Workspace Features